What If Episode 5 Shows That The Avengers Still Lost Despite An Early Reunion

The Marvel Cinematic Universe saw the rise of a new kind of show. Ever since the end of Loki, the MCU has completely changed. The landscape of the show saw a rapid onset of the absurd as soon as He Who Remains was killed and Kangs were unleashed. We may not know what the immediate effect of this might be but the future holds some kind of Multiversal war. It is readily apparent that What If Episode 5 took a very very Dark turn as soon as the Zombies became involved. In a single episode, we saw more death and destruction than we have witnessed in the entire course of the MCU. A good thing about the episode was the unspoken Truce that Captain America and Iron Man reached before battling the Zombies. However, The Avengers Still Lost Despite An Early Reunion.

In the sacred timeline, both Tony and Cap remained at odds with each other for the duration of Infinity War. In fact, the heroes were mostly angry at each other for the conduct of the other. Iron Man wanted revenge for the death of his parents while Captain America only wanted to save his old friend. Things took an ugly turn with Civil War and the feud only ended in Endgame in earnest. However, Marvel Zombies changes things up as it shows that Captain America and Iron Man have reunited before the advent of Thanos. It is still proven that even their combined strength is not enough to stop the Zombie Virus. Things became even worse when the earth’s mightiest heroes were infected by the virus themselves.


Avengers Still Lost Despite An Early Reunion

What If Episode 5

The episode treated us with a delightful scene of the Avengers descending into the heart of the outbreak. They wanted to destroy the source of the virus and/or control the situation as best they could. However, things had already gotten pretty bad and they were about to get much worse. No sooner than stepping off the plane, the Avengers were ambushed by the zombie horde. The main perpetrator was none other than Hank Pym in his original Ant-Man suit. He shrunk to the size of an ant and went and bit captain America in the neck. This resulted in the breach of Avengers’ defenses and the fall of our leader.


The Avengers were soon disposed of after this event and fell one by one to the Zombie virus. We skip a little ahead, chronologically speaking, but it is implied that none of the original Avengers were safe from it. Only T’Challa was saved by Vision, but that guy had his own selfish reasons. The vision was not present to help the Avengers because he was trying to feed Scarlet Witch. Quite Dark, but appropriate considering the theme of the episode. The point is that even the combined strength of the Avengers post reconciliation was not enough to stop the virus. It was nice to see Captain and Tony stand side by side, even if it was for the last time.


Zombie Endgame

What If Episode 5

The most interesting thing is that in the sacred timeline the Avengers only reconcile in Endgame and that too at a time when there is hope for rebuilding things. Endgame is a dark movie, but it is not quite dark as this episode of What If…?. The Avengers at least won in the sacred timeline. But now the Avengers still lost despite Captain and Tony working out their differences. What hope do we have of a future in this universe when we cannot even rely on our greatest heroes. Are we truly lost in times like this? I refuse to believe that. Like Spider-Man told us in the episode, we have nothing but hope, and we must smile for the sake of those we have lost. They would want us to laugh, they would want us to go on.


It is a nice sentiment and one that fits Spider-Man perfectly. When all the world has gone to shit there is no one else to save us but ourselves. As Avengers gave their life to make sure that the team and the hope for the cure survives, we kept clinging on to the last shred of it. Even When the Thanos reveal came. We only hope that Thor can make it to earth in time to defeat Zombie Thanos, if he can’t then we are all probably dead anyways.

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