MCU Storylines That Will Always Remain Incomplete

MCU Storylines Remain Incomplete:

MCU has created a vast world with various storylines of each character. To add thrill and suspense, MCU didn’t refrain from crafting complicated plots with several loose ends and possibilities. And Thanos’ snap in Infinity War and the time travel in Endgame opened more portals to possibilities without having answered the previous questions. As MCU has to move forward, it cannot hover on every plot and links that it created in the past. With the beginning of a new phase, new characters and new storylines, we cannot expect MCU to reopen the box of the past again.


 1. Who Replaced Doctor Strange?

MCU Storylines Remain Incomplete

It has been clear since the first movie of Doctor Strange that a Sorcerer Supreme is crucial in protecting the Earth from the dangerous magic realm. This means that the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme will always be carried on by a new face if the current one passes away. This raises many questions about the 5 years in which Doctor Strange was absent.  While his existence ceased into dust, who was protecting the Earth? Will there be pieces to picked up by Doctor Strange now that he’s returned? Perhaps yes, but we can’t expect MCU to waste time on this nitty-gritty.

 2. Red Skull Is Alive

Marvel Plans to Bring Back Red Skull in The MCU

Red Skull showing up in Infinity War as the Soul Stone guardian was a big surprise as until then he was expected to be dead. His fatal ending in Captain America: The First Avenger didn’t leave any room for his survival. But later we learned that the Tesseract only teleported him to Vormir. But the bigger question that remains is about Captain America’s encounter with Red Skull while returning the stones. On being asked the Russo brothers replied that the Red Skull may no more remember about his past as the Stonekeeper

 3. Successor of T’Challa

Black Panther 2 Villains

After watching Black Panther, we know how seriously Wakanda takes its tradition of throne succession. The last time we checked, T’Challa was the ruler of Wakanda who died along with his sister Shuri after Thanos’ snap. Though he returned after the snap, we can’t help but wonder who succeeded him in those years. Given the fierce competition, someone would have tried to seize the throne as there were no hopes of T’Challa’s return. But Endgame did the unexpected and Black Panther had a grand return. It is less likely that MCU will focus on the same political games and thrones in the sequel of Black Panther.

 4. The function of the Soul Stone

MCU Storylines Remain Incomplete

Everyone including an MCU fan and a layman has a basic idea about the individual Infinity Stones. They are very old celestial stones that possess unimaginable powers. The Time Stone allowed the wielder to travel through time into the past and the future, Power Stone rendered unfathomable power of destruction, Space Stone gave power over space and the user could travel through space by creating portals, and the last, Reality Stone could alter reality driven by the imaginative mind of the wielder.  But no one has absolute knowledge about the Soul Stone. For all we know, it holds a gateway to the pocket universe. There are many theories about its powers but we have never seen anyone use it in the MCU.

 5. Ghost Is A Ghost Of Past Now

MCU Storylines Remain Incomplete

The main agendas of Ant-Man and the Wasp was to fight Ghost and retrieve Janet Van Dyne. It later turned out that the supervillain Ghost was in fact a victim of an unstable quantum state. On returning, Janet the first Wasp gives some of her quantum energy to Ava Starr, the Ghost. It temporarily treats her condition and stops her from phasing out. The Ant-Man team promised her to find a permanent solution for her and sent Scott Lang to the quantum realm. But unfortunately, Thanos snapped his fingers and everything changed in those 5 years. We can’t tell if Ghost’s cure will ever see the light of the day as the world is still recovering from the “blip”.

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