6 Reasons Why Electro is a Great Villain But Gets Very Little Respect

Electro is one of the most significant villains that we have gotten to see in the live-action Spider-Man narrative. The character first made its debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Jamie Foxx taking on the role. Even though this interpretation didn’t actually do proper justice to the character it did make an impact on the fans of the character. The impact was sufficient that the character was brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe using the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But fans agree that there is a lot more to the character than we have gotten to see so far. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why Electro is a Great Villain and deserves a lot more attention than he got in the MCU and TASM 2.

Dark Reflection of Peter Parker

There is a very interesting manner in which Electro’s character was explored in his first live-action depiction. Both Maxwell Dillon and Peter Parker have an interesting parallel that ends up affecting both their lives. Parker ended up being famous because he was a common kid who was gained the powers and this allowed us to relate to him. Even though he had the powers he had to go through the everyday problems of life. Electro was also an ordinary electrician but things went really wrong for him. Electro is basically Peter Parker gone bad.


Weapon of Mass Destruction

Electro has actually tried to access the national power grid multiple times in the comics. The very first time that he made an attempt to do so while harvesting the electricity of New York City, Spidey ends up convincing him to stop. That’s not the end of it as Electro would later return and put the entire city on ransom to grab hold of Spider-Man. During this event, the entire nation goes into absolute chaos because of the lack of supply and this makes Electro a rather dangerous villain. Considering the dependency people have on electric appliances Electro can be a weapon of mass destruction.


Magnetic Powers

Why Electro is a Great Villain

Over the years the character has undergone some significant developments that include changes in his appearance and powers. Other than having electrical powers Electro has now gained access to controlling, generating, and manipulating magnetic fields. Fans might be aware of Magneto and it seems that Electro has developed some rather similar powers and can use them to attack his opponents. If the character is developed more, who knows what new ability he ends up unlocking.


Too Dangerous To Be Put In Prison

It is not feasible to put Electro in any ordinary prison because his abilities won’t allow that. Only certain prisons specifically designed for him could be used to contain the guy. This includes Ryker’s Island and even then Electro manages to show the limits of his power. Considering the prisons have some electrical control systems then Electro could end up controlling them. This actually ended up happening in the comics where Electro ends up releasing other supervillains captured in the prisons. The New Avengers team had to arrive at the scene and stop them.


Literally Untouchable

Electro is a character that is an embodiment of a large amount of electrical energy. His entire body has energy flowing throughout it and this is the reason that he manages to generate energy. But this makes him impossible to get in contact in order to fight him. We had the chance to see Spider-Man going for a punch and it ended up electrocuting the hero and destroying his web-shooters. This makes it absolutely impossible for Spider-Man to use his strength in order to put down this enemy.


Power Boost

Why Electro is a Great Villain

The Gauntlet narrative saw Electro gaining a whole set of new powers in the Spider-Man comics. One of the most awesome powers is Dillon’s ability to become pure electricity. This allows him to travel through electricity lines and reach any part of the city in mere seconds. But these powers did come at a significant cost though as the character slowly started losing control over them.

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