10 Most Messed Up Marvel Villains We Won’t See In MCU

Detective Comics or DC, due to its dark epilogue have multiple daunting and terrorizing villains. The DC comic’s main characters are set in a dark and troubling time where humanity is challenged by some deranged and crazy individuals to tip off the scales of justice. Whether you talk about the Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Sinestro, and many more. Compared to Marvel, DC might be slightly inclined towards the darker side of the narrative. But, surprisingly the marvel universe also has multiple villains which, a lot of you may not have known to have existed through the marvel timeline. So here is counting down some of the marvel villains not very well known amongst the DC fans.


Well in the spider comic universe, there have been multiple Goblins, starting right from Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin then to Harry Osborn, and eventually, somewhere in the middle, there’s this guy.

Demogoblin was the goblin that emerged after the previous Goblin Jason Macendale made a deal with a demon for power in exchange for his soul. The Demon N’astirh tricked Jason Macendale and ended up possessing his body, thus becoming the Demogoblin. Demogoblin is a little different from the rest of the goblins as he has many demonic powers and all kinds of supernatural abilities.


Marvel villains

In the Marvel cinematic universe, there are 2 Styx’s. One was a homeless person called Jacob Eichorn who volunteered for a drug trial to cure cancer and ends up becoming a living cancer monster who attains the power of decaying any living matter with his touch.

The second one was David Haller’s personality of Styx who had the power of stealing someone’s soul just by touching the person (Davis Haller? Is the son of Charles Xavier aka Professor X).


Marvel villains

Madcap was supposed to be a villain in the Captain America timeline but has been most popular with Deadpool. Madcap was created when the character fell into a pool of chemical liquid at the A.I.M’s headquarter which made him feel no pain and gave him ultimate healing powers. Somewhere in the timeline both Deadpool and Madcap get hit by Thor’s lighting and both of them share each other’s regeneration prowess, but also become one in Deadpool’s consciousness.

In a certain story, Madcap destroys himself with a chitauri weapon and attaches himself to the body of Deadpool’s ally, and becomes an overgrown tumor while controlling the body of the host.

Mad Jim Jaspers

X-Men Villains MCU Marvel Villains
Marvel villains

Mad Jim is one of the most overpowered supervillains in the Marvel cinematic universe. He is supposed to be so powerful that somewhere in an alternate timeline on Earth-238, Mad Jim had created a sentient being that could adapt to any power that it’s encountered with and adapt in a matter of seconds and retaliate with a much greater force.

The different timelines in the Marvel cinematic universe see Mad Jim face off against powers like that of Captain Britain, X-Men, and even the famous Excalibur and survived to see another day. Mad Jim’s ability allows him to manipulate the cosmic powers of the universe except for time.

Dark beast

Marvel villains
Marvel villains

Well here is one scientist you would not want to mess with, Dark Beast hails from the alternate time of Earth-295 and has all the powers of the regular beast but with a hidden dark narrative. Dark Beast even captured the actual beast and painted himself in color blue to infiltrate the X-Men headquarters to kill the mutants and the family and friends of Beast, but was rendered unsuccessful in doing so.


Well, there is one hero in the Marvel cinematic universe who is ever darker than Batman and he is The Punisher. So if you have a dark hero, one ought to have a much darker and nastier villain. So, here enters Barracuda a former soldier, turned mercenary, turned gangster who Castle aka The Punisher knew from his days in the army. The guy gets bad as it gets, with a weird obsession of snorting off coke from dead people body’s which he just killed.

Barracuda was responsible for overturning regimes all by himself just for cash. Later on, he takes on an assignment in which he kills one of Castle’s SAS buddy and his family which ascends the rivalry from the punisher’s business to a much personal business.

Shadow King

Marvel villains
Marvel villains

The most notorious villains of the MCU, The Shadow King, is considered to be so evil, that he was the one who convinced Charles Xavier to found the X-Men. It was later revealed that Shadow King was an ancient demonic entity that had bonded with a mutant host to wreak havoc and destruction by controlling people’s mind with his telepathic abilities to work out his biddings while being unaware of their doings.

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