Can Thor Break Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws With Mjolnir?

In a matchup of Marvel metals, there are three infamous metal elements in the comics that usually end up in the contest to determine which one’s the strongest. These are none other than Adamantium, Vibranium & Uru. In a battle between pure Adamantium & Vibranium ores, Adamantium usually prevails as the stronger one because its molecules are much closely packed to each other, making it denser. But Vibranium has one special quality that allows it to stay strong against Uru metal, or at least against Mjolnir. That attribute is that it is completely vibration absorbent. So, Thor’s hammer can’t really break it, but maybe Stormbreaker can cut through it like Thanos’ sword was able to. Furthermore, In Avengers Vol. 3 #63, Thor was actually able to leave a dent on the Shield while he was empowered with the Odinforce. But what about Mjolnir’s matchup against Adamantium? Can it shatter the strongest metal on Earth?

Can Thor Break Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws With Mjolnir?

Thor’s hammer is one of its kind. Odin trapped a cosmic storm in a chunk of Uru metal, and then he asked the dwarves to forge it into a hammer. That’s how Mjolnir was formed. But when we talk about Adamantium, it actually comes in several forms. In the comics, even Captain America’s shield isn’t pure Vibranium. It is actually a mix of Proto-adamantium and Vibranium. Dr. MacLain was the one who created proto-adamantium. But this version of Adamantium was never recreated. Upon the attempt of recreating proto-adamantium, the result that was achieved was called “primary adamantium.” This is the version that was used to coat Wolverine’s bones. It was extremely hard & expensive to create. So, after proto-adamantium, primary adamantium is the strongest, and quite unbreakable. Following that is “Secondary adamantium,” which is cheaper to create, but it still insanely strong. But not for Thor.

In Jason Aaron’s Thor #3, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor comes across a situation that pits her hammer against Adamantium and Vibranium. Here, when Jane summons Mjolnir, it isn’t able to answer the call because it gets stuck in a vault that is made up of a Vibranium core. And to give it some extra strength, an adamantium plating was added on it. As Mjolnir tries to break out of the vault, it ultimately leaves a dent on the insides. But still, it couldn’t break out, and Thor had to break the vault down with her bare hands in order to break Mjolnir free. So clearly, the hammer can leave a dent on adamantium, and with the force of someone as strong as the Might Thor, it might just break it.

Can Thor Break Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws With Mjolnir?

But we have to keep in mind that this vault that Jane broke down actually had a plating of “secondary adamantium.” If Mjolnir was only able to leave a dent on it, then it might not be able to break the Primary Adamantium coating Logan’s skeleton. It’s not that no one or nothing can break it. We assume that Thor swinging his hammer with the power of Odinforce in him might be able to do the trick. But we cannot be sure until it happens. So, let’s hope that we will get a Thor vs. Wolverine match up in the MCU. Only that could give us the perfect answer we desire.

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