20 Unforgettable Movie Scenes of 2017

The movies that came out in 2017 were certainly much better than the 2016 and there were more hit movies than the previous year. These movies produced something really amazing for us to witness and there were literally jaw-dropping moments in these blockbuster movies flicks. Here is a list of the best scenes from the amazing movies that came out in 2017.

Captain America Trolls The Audience – Spiderman Homecoming

Cap kept showing up in tiny bits and video recordings during Spiderman: Homecoming giving everyone the lessons of life. But the amazing thing happened when all the people in the audience waited for 5-10 minutes for a post-credits tease for the next upcoming movie, and what they got was Captain America showing up and telling everyone the perks of Patience. It was funny and frustrating at the same time.

The Opening Car Chase – Baby Driver

Baby Driver was one of the greatest action movies to come out this year and it was a big A-list character performance extravaganza. But the best thing about the movie was its opening scene was actually the show stealer. It was engaging and probably what drove audiences into the movie. It was one of the greatest car chases as a young kid proves to be one of the best drivers we have ever seen.

“Go Go Power Rangers!” – Power Rangers

All of our childhood memories came alive when this scene came in the theatres. Even though the movie turned out to be a little disappointing, this particular scene actually rejuvenated and made us feel really great as we saw all the ranger Zords together attacking the huge enemy golden bot.

A Nightclub Reunion – Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 was a movie that took fans by a surprise when it was announced. People were happy that they were getting a sequel to the movie 30+ years later. And the most epic scene in the movie was when Agent K meets Rick Deckard halfway into the movie and the two upon meeting have an ultimate fight scene.

The Final Shootout – Wind River


Winder River was one of the most agonizing thrillers this year as it did not reveal the suspense till the very end. And after a really epic reveal of who was/were the perpetrators, an awesome shootout took place between the good guys and the bad guys that gave us the ultimate thrill as Jeremy Renner’s character kicked ass!

The Sunken Place – Get Out

Get Out was one of the biggest surprise thrillers of 2017 as it was a story no one saw coming. A really well-made movie full of amazing performances is the thriller you need to watch as soon as possible. The most epic moment of this horror satire came when Chris Washington gets hypnotized by Mrs. Armitage. After he confesses his deepest traumas to her, she sends his mind into “The Sunken Place”. Chris is trapped in his own body and soon after that, the twist in the movie is revealed.

Hobb’s and Shaw’s Prison Break – The Fate of The Furious

The movie was jam-packed with a lot of action sequences and it was very difficult to choose just one scene out of many. But, the scene where Shaw and Hobbs escape from prison showing their agility and brute strength was a treat to watch. The other prisoners and the guards trying to stop them were just preys to the beasts.

Thor V Hulk – Thor: Ragnarok

The thing that was constant in all the marketing of Ragnarok was setting up the fight between Thor and Hulk. And it turned out to be as epic as people believed it would be. Everyone went in wanting Hulk to give Thor the beating of his lifetime, and he did too upto a certain extent, but soon the Audience is surprised to find out that Thor really is the strongest Avenger.

The Amsterdam Chase – The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The best R-Rated action comedy after Spy and Deadpool was without a doubt The Hitman’s Bodyguard. The combo of Nick Fury and Deadpool just worked for everyone as both of them kicked a lot of ass and made the audience laugh harder and harder. But, the best moment of the movie was surely the chase that happened in Amsterdam where the bad guys were behind the Hitman who was running in a speedboat and his bodyguard took out almost everyone riding a bike!

The Ending – Dunkirk

Well everyone sitting in the theatre during the movie would have been hoping for the movie to end as soon as possible and some might have dozed off many times. But, one thing was certain, everyone woke up when Tom Hardy came on to the screen flying his plane because that was the only moment of some thrill and enjoyment in the movie. The movie surely ended on a high note and it was Tom Hardy saving everyone on the island and giving the fans at least something to cheer for.

Vulture is Liz’s Dad – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Homecoming was pretty fun and goes smoothly, but the best thing about the movie happened right before the climax as out of nowhere, we see that Adrian Toomes turns out to be Liz’s dad when Peter went to pick her up for prom. This sudden plot twist took the audiences by a certain thrill which many thriller movies are not capable of.

Yondu Dies – Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2

Guardians Vol. 2 climaxes with Star-Lord facing off against his villainous father Ego, detonating a bomb which kills Ego and annihilates the rest of his planet, while Yondu flies in to rescue Peter. In an act of redemption for his many prior misdeeds, Yondu then places his single spacesuit on Star-Lord, sacrificing himself in order that his surrogate son can live. This scene was full of emotion in a very funny movie which broke all our hearts. Yondu delivered a line to Peter which made us all cry, “He may be your father, but he wasn’t your daddy!”

Deckard Shaw Rescues Young Brian – The Fate of The Furious

The entire movie was full of unforgettable fight scenes but we have to give it to Statham’s plane rescue as he not only keeps the little infant while taking out dozens of bad guys, he does that in a pretty dope way giving the audiences a lot to laugh about with the cute baby moments.  

Superman returns – Justice League

We all knew that the resurrection of Superman was going to be epic even before the movie came out. And we all were right to think that as when Superman came back from the dead, he took on the other League members, and then came the most epic part as Superman kicked the entire League’s butt, showed Flash who’s the boss and gave Batman a taste of his own medicine by actually making him Bleed!

The Concert and Cave Scene – John Wick Chapter 2

Another really amazing R-Rated action flick that we loved this year. One could say that the killings might be too much, but for the ones who don’t care much about that, it was just a treat to watch one guy take down 100 men in a single movie. In this flick full of killings, there was one particular sequence that stole the show. Imagine an amazing rock concert going on, and as soon as the beat drops, a man comes on stage and shoots the bad guys! The concert scene leading up to the cave fight which was just amazing to witness.

Lorraine destroys everyone – Atomic Blonde

Imagine John Wick being reincarnated as a woman. That was Lorraine in Atomic Blonde. The movie’s third act kicks off with an absolutely barnstorming action sequence, as kick-a** MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton attempts to get a Stasi defector, Spyglass to safety after he’s been wounded. Broughton flees with Spyglass into a building, after which she faces off against numerous assailants on a stairwell and throughout the building, brutally dispatching them until just one of those were left. Then comes in the greatest fight of the movie where Lorraine gives it everything she has got and takes down that assassin.

Caesar Dies – War of the Planet of the Apes

The war between man and apes concludes in spectacular fashion at the end of Matt Reeves’ stunning trilogy-capper, with all remaining humans in the vicinity being decimated by an avalanche, allowing the apes to climb into the nearby trees in order to survive. After that sequence, we see that the Apes are the only ones left and Caesar being wounded leads everyone to a safe area. After that, we witness the beauty of it where everyone is now safe and Caesar having fulfilled his life’s motive dies peacefully.

Rey & Kylo Ren Vs. The Praetorian Guards – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Emperor Snoke was teased to be the strongest villain we had ever seen but he committed a really foolish mistake that caused him his life as Kylo Ren in a change of event killed Snoke out of nowhere and then came the most epic fight scene in the entire Star Wars mythology. Ren and Rey join forces (for a while) and take out the highly trained Praetorian Guards in the most epic manner imaginable.

Logan Dies – Logan

The third Wolverine movie was a treat to watch throughout. It had everything we needed from a Wolverine movie, Hard R killing, the attitude and the emotion. There were a lot of moments where we were amazed but the best one came at the end where all the fans were in tears as Logan finally comes to know what it feels like, and dies with his heart in his hand, in the arms of his daughter Laura.

No Man’s Land – Wonder Woman


The best scene from any summer blockbuster this year, however, was unquestionably Diana’s full Wonder Woman reveals when she and her party arrive at the Western Front. She begins the rebellion and takes down all the enemy soldiers and then later Steve and co. joined in and gave us the amazing battle that happened in the town and everyone was finally secured.

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