12 Details In Movies And TV Series That Are Wrong And Illogical

Movies and shows are meant to be an escape from reality. So it would be unfair to expect real-life logic from them. We do believe when some lifts buildings and flies higher than the birds or falls in love at first sight. That’s the whole purpose of these entertainment pieces. But sometimes big-time filmmakers and showrunners muck up with logic so badly that we are bound to raise our eyebrows. It’s impossible to believe that a team of genius people went ahead with these errors in dialogues or plot sequences. Some blatantly chose to ignore these mistakes while other directors joked about it later. Here are some details in movies and TV series that are totally wrong and illogical.

 1. Jurassic Park

The characters in Jurassic Park stopped moving whenever T. Rexes were around. That’s the solution that many movies have resorted to while dealing with predators because apparently they can’t see (or smell and hear) stationary objects. But recent studies claim that the T. Rexes could detect stationary prey even better. Somebody call Doctor Ross Geller, please!

 2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In Wolverine, Kayla Silverfox betrayed Logan by faking her death to trick him into joining the Weapon X project as a subject. Kayla and Victor used the hydrochlorothiazide to fake her murder. The film could have used a made-up chemical name instead of a real one since hydrochlorothiazide doesn’t slow one’s heart. It is a diuretic that increases the production of urine.

 3. Back To The Future

Details In Movies And TV Series
Details In Movies And TV Series

You can hide gifts in woolen socks and enjoy your hot chocolate on the eve of the 24th every year but studies suggest that Jesus Christ was born in summer during 6 BCE. So, we wonder where DeLorean ended up by setting 25th December of year zero in Back To The Future.

 4. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

When Indiana had to jump on the puzzle letters to spell “Jehovah”, he started with “J”. He almost falls into a pit before realizing that in Latin, “Jehovah” begins with an “I”. It wasn’t Indi’s fault as the Latin alphabet didn’t have “J” in the 11th century, in the first place. How could the puzzle from the 11th century have the letter? How did “know-it-all” Sheldon Cooper didn’t spot this error?

 5. Batman Begins

Liam Neeson’s R’as Al Ghul tells Bruce Wayne to “rub your chest, your arms will take care of themselves” after he falls in a frozen lake. Even though Christopher Nolan tried to keep the superhero film as realistic as possible, we suggest you not to take this ‘Titanic’ advice literally. Even Nolan later joked that it has no scientific relevance and added that he could imagine “boy scouts everywhere freezing to death” for listening to Neeson.

 6. The Flash

Details In Movies And TV Series
Details In Movies And TV Series

Logic doesn’t matter in movies and series but it hurts when sci-fi pieces also mess them up. How can sci-fi scriptwriters use so many brains in creating complicated science and not pay attention to the most basic concept? In the season 1 finale of The Flash, Professor Stein said “That event has an energy level of at least 6.7 teraelectronvolts”. 1 TeV the energy that a flying mosquito needs. How much destruction 6.7 TeV can cause to a building that we need a superhero is hilarious to wonder.

 7. The Social Network

These guys made a film on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook but didn’t do their homework on historic accuracy. Forget historic facts, even math was enough to save this embarrassment. The ownership of Saverin, Zuckerberg, Markowitz, Parker, and Thiel would breakdown to- 34.4%, 51%, 6.81%, 6.47%, and 7%, respectively. All of it added up to 105.68%. It’s crazy that a team of so many people came up with random numbers without adding them up.

 8. The Terminator

The Terminator asked for a “phased plasma rifle in 40-watt range” which absolutely nothing. Not just a rifle but even light bulbs and fans need about 55-100 watts. We’d love to see the outcome from a real-life rifle in 40-watts.

 9. Star Trek

Another sci-fi movie that Effed up with math! In Star Trek, Captain Kirk says that by upgrading with the booster they can “increase that capability on the order of One To The Fourth Power”. In simple words, it means that one will be multiplied to itself four times. Since its result would still remain one, what will the booster increase?

 10. Godzilla 

Details In Movies And TV Series
Details In Movies And TV Series

In Godzilla, the protagonist uses pregnancy tests on a Godzilla to check if she is pregnant. He explains that these pregnancy tests measure the same hormones that “indicate pregnancy”. Well, sorry to pop the bubble but the hormones you are talking about are HCG that stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone appears in the blood or urine of a pregnant woman that the test detects. To imagine a Godzilla peeing (have you seen en elephant peeing?) is one trauma and watching these heroes use pregnancy tests on it is another.

 11. Unforgiven

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In Unforgiven, the characters donned trousers that had belt loops. But the movie was set in 1881 when belts existed but the belt loops did not. Not that anybody cares about these little details but it is of value in period pieces.

 12. Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society is a classic beauty about following your dreams. Keating takes the line from Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken”- “Two roads diverged, and I took the one less traveled by” to encourage his students to be different. But Robert Frost wrote the poetry to mock his indecisive friend who wanted to travel both the roads and later regretted the choice he went with.

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