Why Does the Millennium Falcon Look So Different in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Just like Marvel Studios and The MCU, Lucasfilm Studios and the Star Wars Franchise have proven to be big money makers for Disney. Disney earlier announced that they will release 6 Star Wars based movies, and we have already seen 3 of them, Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi. Now, we are on our way to the release of the fourth Star Wars related movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story just came out recently and the Star Wars fan base seems to have gone into overdrive. A movie that revolves around the Galaxy’s most beloved carefree smuggler is sure to be on everyone’s must-watch list for 2018 with many other big movies coming out as well. The first Solo movie ever and the second spinoff of the Star Wars franchise after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Solo will focus on the exploits of Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca and their adventures aboard the Millennium Falcon against the entire Galactic Empire. The first look of the trailer introduced many new elements along with many old ones as this is a prequel story of Han Solo.

But one of these elements that were revealed in this new trailer straddled the line between new and familiar, and that’s the Millennium Falcon bursting into the scene with a familiar crew and the same general shape, but this is clearly not the same version of this ship we have seen and love in the original Star Wars trilogy and the sequel trilogy. There seems to be something different about this ship as it looks newer, sleeker, has a pointed nose, flat sensor dish, and a fresh coat of paint.

Here are all the elements that look to be different in the Millennium Falcon shown in the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

A New Sensor Dish

The first time we saw the Millennium Falcon, it had a circular sensor dish on top, but that had been destroyed by the end of Return of the Jedi when Lando knocked it off during the escape from the innards of the second Death Star. Even in the Force Awakes, we saw the dish to be a regular one, so it is not the first time that changes have been made with the Millennium Falcon. In the new trailer, the dish does look to resemble the circular dish, but it lays flat against the surface of the vessel, making it more of a small dome than the upright dishes we’ve seen before.

A new paint

In the original trilogy, the characters never hesitated to call the Falcon a “hunk of junk” or “garbage,” as the ship always had some mechanical issues and looked to be a little rusty. But, as this movie is a prequel, the Millennium Falcon is much more freshly painted, with a stark white undercoat with blue highlights and looks to be quite new.

Smaller Firepower

In this new trailer as we can see that the ship’s famous quad laser cannon turrets are missing and in place of that, there is a much smaller single gun on top. The single gun appears to still be a turret, but obviously, the Falcon would now have much less firepower than it did in the original trilogy. This is very understandable as it makes room for the upgrades which will be made in the ship for the original trilogy.

The Forward Mandibles are no more

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The biggest difference that people spotted in this is that the Falcon has a more pointed and longer nose in the prequel. This is a big structural change on the part of the ship. Earlier the two Mandibles were always assumed to have a cargo storage and transport purpose, and now fans are presuming that the pointed nose with the gap filled between the Mandibles is still for a cargo storage, but the design simply isn’t a classic Falcon.

It looks like Solo: Star Wars Story will also be a secret origin story for the Millennium Falcon. Solo: A Star Wars Story will open in the theatres on Memorial Day, May 25, 2018.

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