Person of Interest: Is the Machine back?  

Can this show get any better, intricate or more complicated?  I think it is the best show on artificial intelligence and on the power of technology. There is a war happening and it is a war of tech gods and people are merely pawns in the chess game of Samaritan, whereas our heart is with the Machine.   

Season 4 let us hanging and wishing for “The Machine”- the heroic AI to return safe and sound. Our love for her (“The Machine”) grew ten folds when she apologized to Finch and called him father. It is hard to believe that a conversation between an AI and a human could be so emotional. Trying to save his child Finch is heartbroken and so are we! As in the last season, only a fragment of the Machine’s code could be compressed and saved. This left us wondering whether the same machine will be back or will it have a new persona?

Now finally when season 5 is out on the screens (and sadly it is the last season) we are not disappointed. Team Machine was trying its level best to save the machine even without her guidance. Root created a distraction and was openly roaming in streets armed; Finch embraced his fear by boarding a ferry and Reese proved that he is both tough and brainy, as he took the last resort to save the machine. When the decompression of the machine’s code started and everyone was panicking, Reese as always was calm and he cooled the system by using liquid nitrogen.   Even bear had a role to play!


Although the AI of Harold Finch was almost for dead but fans of “The Machine” let out a sigh of relief when she recovered in the last second when the cursor on the screen blinked. An AI has played the most crucial role in Person of Interest and we are relieved it’s alive.


Like promising things so that what we wish for comes true, Finch promised he would give machine more freedom. So many questions now arise. Is the machine the same? Which fragment survived? Will it be able to fight Samaratian? Is it good or is it bad?

Apart from the machine we are dying to find out the reason behind the opening sequence and will Shaw be back?

To get the answers to these questions we will not have to wait for long. Until then “the Machine” is being watched!

Geetali Dewan

Loves marketing and finding the easy way out. Writing comes naturally to her.
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