The New DC Comics Superman Is The Anti Man of Steel Version

The Superman from the Man of Steel was a brooding and realistic portrayal of the Last Son of Krypton that was more in line with the today’s world. While Zack’s vision was misinterpreted as an attack on the core ‘Ray of Sunshine’ version of the Superman popularized by DC Comics and Christopher Reeves in the Superman live action movies, it certainly wasn’t meant to be that way. Half of the fans loved Cavill’s Superman while the rest of them utterly hated it. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is a subject of divide and discussion among the DC Fan Base now.

And now it looks like DC Comics has jumped into the hate brigade as well. The recent unveiling of the classic Superman came at the end of Injustice 2. The Man of Steel, as we know and love from the comic books, is back to his tricks, with the approval of Papa and Mama Kent.

The Injustice series of comic books is set in an alternate Earth, an ‘Else-worlds’ storyline. In this reality, Superman accidentally murders Lois Lane and his unborn child within her when the Joker uses a modified Joker Venom-Fear Toxin hybrid and tricks him into pushing Lois Lane into outer space, suffocating her to death. Superman, now enraged beyond belief, murders the Joker and goes against all the ideals that make him the Big Blue Boy Scout. He hires several Superheroes and Villains to form the World Council and creates an oppressive regime that aims to overthrow the world government and establish an era of peace and harmony under the banner of absolute Tyranny. Batman and the rest of the superheroes who are opposed to his ideals form The Insurgency, an opposing group of superhero resistance fighters that oppose the Regime.

The injustice series has become somewhat of a sleeper hit and he cash cow for DC Comics. A set of Award-winning video games and a graphic novel termed as a ‘New York Times Bestseller’ later, Injustice 2 is again here to wow the audiences as we speak. The current comic series Injustice 2 is a prequel of sorts to the Video Game Injustice 2. With the threat of Superman now over, the world has been plunged into chaos and anarchy with no strong world leader able to fill the void left by Superman. A Villain now wants to use the chaos to rule over the world. Batman and the rest of the heroes may be the only thing that is capable enough to stop his plans in his track.

The Villain we speak of is a popular Batman Villain – Ra’s Al Ghul aka The Demon’s Head, the immortal warrior and the leader of the ancient order of assassins called the League of Assassins. His tryst with both the Insurgency and the Regime was what fueled most of the storyline in both the Injustice comic series. He is now planning to use a refurbished Amazo – an android that can replicate any metahuman powers it encounters, to thin the Earth’s population and make them more complacent and docile for a planet-wide hostile takeover. Batman sends out a distress signal to all active and reserve members of the Justice League for help. One of the heroes who answer the call is Connor Kent aka Super Boy, who is recovering from grievous wounds at the fortress of Solitude, under the watchful eye of the Kents and Wonder Girl aka Cassie Sandsmark.

As Connor says to his Girlfriend Wonder Girl that he will go to Batman to help him, Pa and Ma Kent enter the room. But instead of stopping him from using his powers like their DCEU counterparts have, Pa Kent claims he may be have Kryptonian, but he also is Half Kent. And Kents never shy away from helping people in need. Ma Kent seems to agree, with coming into the room with Connor’s new Superman Costume. Say what you will but this is DC’s version of a classic rebuttal of Superman’s DCEU counterpart.

superman man of steel

Many fans already hate the Injustice series, claiming it is based on a plot that is faulty from the very beginning – Superman going bad is nigh impossible. He is incorruptible, as they say. Whatever the case may be, we are just happy that the Injustice series now has a Superman worthy of the mantle of the Man of Steel.

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