How Shang-Chi 2 Could Introduce THIS New Supervillain!

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings is the latest addition to the MCU roster of movies. Since the 3 weeks of its release, the movie has held its spot as the #1 movie in the theatres. The movie introduced a bunch of new characters (predominantly Asian) in the MCU, including the fan-favorite Katy. The movie featured a lot of Easter eggs from the last decade or so of MCU. But it was nothing compared to the mid-credits scene of the movie, which perfectly set up Shang-Chi 2.


The mid-credit scene featured a Blast from the past as Wong opens a portal in a bar in San Francisco and takes them to Kamar-Taj for a holographic video call with Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers. This was a direct callback to the Avengers: Endgame where the same method was used for communication during the blip. The group was seen talking about the origin and age of the Ten rings.

Shang-Chi 2

Master Wong revealed that there was a universal beacon issued when Shang-Chi took over the possession from Wenwu. This was a very big deal as, at the time of the transfer of the ownership of the rings, the Ten Rings were in a pocket dimension, an alternate universe, if I may. This implies that the signal was sent across the whole Multiverse. And the question about who the signal went to has been a top priority among MCU enthusiasts.



The fans love when a movie ends with a big question. It works both ways. This question keeps MCU fans on the edge of their seats until the next installment. And fans jump at every chance they get to ask these questions directly from the people involved in the movie. During an interview with ET, the interviewer asked the director about the being who is on the other hand of the Rings’ beacon. And Destin Daniel Cretton responded right away-

Really?! If you look into the comics, if you watch that end-credit sequence, it’s not… You don’t have to dig very deep to at least point yourself in a direction!


This directly implied to the Makluans. The Makluans belong to a race of shape-shifters, much like Skrulls, however, they look very similar to a dragon. In the comics, it was the Makluans who left the Rings behind which were later found by the Mandarin. However, they had been dormant for around 15 centuries.

The Makluans arrived on the beautiful planet of Earth centuries ago. Although most of them died, six of them survived and shape-shifted to thrive among humanity. When they went into hiding, they left behind Ten Rings of pure power. These rings were ultimately found and used by Gene Khan. The Ten Rings gave him a wide array of abilities, namely matter rearrangement, throwing ice and electricity blasts, and many more.



Shang-Chi 2

The leader of the Makluans, and Iron Man’s biggest foe, is the infamous Fin Fang Foom. He has been hibernating since the Makluans infiltrated the human civilizations. He was left sleeping as a backup for when the Makluans decide to reveal themselves or a threat befalls them. Fin Fang Foom came out o hiding in the 6th century and made a name for himself in the Chinese Folklore, due to his close resemblance to the dragons. His whereabouts are unknown as of yet, but we hope that he returns in time for the sequel to Shang-Chi.


Fin Fang Foom has never appeared in live-action to date. However, he appeared in the MCU in Iron Man. The great Makluan was seen on a billboard – created by artist Adi Granov at the request of director Jon Favreau. But When he decides to reveal himself, his battle with the Rings owner will be legendary. But even this can change, as the origin of the Ten Rings differed in the MCU and comics. The comics show Rings as a powerful piece of jewellery. Whereas, MCU makes the Rings out to have autonomy. After all, they did choose Shang-Chi and his mother over their owner, Wenwu.


Marvel Shang-Chi Fin Fang Foom

If we are correct in all of this, then Shang-Chi is in for a great sequel. Shang-Chi has come across 2 mythical creatures, the Great Protector and the Dweller-In-Darkness. And to think his next foes to be the great Makluans can be the best thing for the future of the MCU. However, there is no news yet about the sequel or even the next stop in Shang-Chi’s journey. Although, Shang-Chi might appear next in Eternals. They might even find themselves in a holographic video call, discussing the origin of the Rings with Phastos (The Weapons Expert).


Do you want to see Fin Fang Foom as a potential MCU character? Do you want him as an anti-hero or a foe to Shang-Chi? Let us know in the comments below.

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