Here’s Why MCU Should Introduce Norman Osborn In Thunderbolts Movie

MCU has already announced their upcoming Marvel’s Thunderbolts movie, which is a team of reformed criminals. Speaking of them, we think that now that MCU fans have met Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn, they need to give us an MCU version of the twisted billionaire. And Thunderbolts’ movie needs to feature him in a major role. This may seem like a lot but when you hear our reasons, you might want this too!

Norman Osborn is one of the most versatile properties of Marvel Comics and no one can deny that. Starting from being an eccentric billionaire, he turned into one of the greatest Spider-Man foes by turning into the Green Goblin. Other than Spider-Man, he has made enemies with Deadpool, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and others. In the live-action movies, Willem Dafoe immortalized the character with his amazing performance in the Sam Raimi Trilogy and now, in Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, despite his presence in NWH doesn’t mean that we will be seeing him, given he was from the Sam Raimi universe. And that makes him more likely to be featured in Thunderbolts.


The important thing to note here is that we might not see Willem Dafoe taking on the title of Osborn in the MCU. And there are many reasons for it. For instance, Marvel might try to choose a younger Osborn so that he can be in the MCU for a longer time. Then, Dafoe might not come back after his last performance in NWH, which everyone thinks was absolutely perfect. Some people are even thinking that since Dafoe won’t return, MCU might never get its own Osborn. On the contrary, we think that Osborn will return, as a result of the deal with Sony. And this time around, viewers will see a new version of the character. See how



Norman Osborn in Thunderbolts

Over the last half a century, since his first appearance in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man #14, Norman Osborn has been in a lot of stories. And one of his stories saw him as a part of the Thunderbolts team. He joined this team of reformed criminals when the US government took over the team from Zemo. He becomes the director of the team, so pretty much like Nick Fury for the MCU’s Avengers. However, he even assembled his team for the Dark Reign event in later stories. It’s not necessary for Marvel to include him as they might have to introduce him first in one or two projects to st him as a potential member. But we have it all worked out.


Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Tony Stark Peter Parker

They can pull off a Civil War-Spider-Man thing where they skip the origin story. And simply because the viewers have already seen and listened to that story a million times before. Plus, they can introduce them as a twisted character, who likes hiding in the shadows until the big threat surfaces. The chances of his inclusion in the team are high because, after this movie, we don’t know how long it will take to have an opportunity like this to introduce him again.



Over the years, Norman Osborn has assumed the role of villain in many forms. As a selfish billionaire, as Gren Goblin, as Red Goblin(after bonding with Carnage for a brief time), and as Iron Patriot. While all of them were cool to be included in the new Thunderbolts movie, Iron Patriot is the best. At least, for this upcoming movie. According to sources, Thunderbolts will be very much like the first Avengers movie in terms of the characters. Yelena Belova will be a darker Blck Widow, And John Walker will be replacing Captain America. Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, is on his way back, so he might replace Hulk. As for Iron Man, Norman Osborn will be a perfect choice. Where else would we find a selfish, smart, and brilliant billionaire who can make for dark Iron Man?


From this, we can even say that Armor Wars will be the project that might introduce the character. We know the show will focus on the people who are trying to take over Stark Tech. So, Osborn could be one of them, but unlike the rest of them, he actually tries to use it for the national defense as the Iron Patriot. After this, it doesn’t matter how Thunderbolts movie will take place. It may replace the Dark Avengers or be its own kind of team(more like the Suicide Squad from the DCEU), but as long as Norman Osborn will be donning the Iron Patriot suit, everything will be awesome!


What do you think? Do you want to see Osborn return to the MCU? Do let us know in the comments.

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