MCU Theory: Yelena Is Trying To Recruit Kate Bishop, Not Kill Hawkeye

The post-credits scene of 2021’s Black Widow saw Valentina Allegra de Fontaine with Yelena Belova. Their conversation implied that Valentina was assigning Yelena a mission to eliminate Clint Barton. And since she thinks that her sister’s death is Clint’s fault, the reason for assigning Yelena to this mission seems two-fold. However, we have a theory that it is three-fold. Maybe, Yelena is trying to recruit Kate Bishop. The trailer for the next Disney+ show, Hawkeye, was released earlier this week and it introduced a new character in the MCU mainstream. Kate Bishop is the new addition to the Marvel roster. She will probably take on the mantle of Hawkeye (if we consider the source material).

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is a mysterious new character in the MCU. As of yet, she has appeared twice while recruiting new agents for her secret organization. First, her first MCU recruit was John Walker. Although she might have agents in her back pocket, her second on-screen recruit was Yelena Belova. De Fontaine assigns her a covert mission to terminate the OG Avenger, Hawkeye. However, we have a theory that suggests another thing. What if sending Yelena was a small part of her ‘master plan’? We know that Valentina is recruiting a squad of trained heroes who will not hesitate to kill on a mission if necessary. In the comics, this team was called the Thunderbolts of Dark Avengers. And we think that Valentina plans to recruit Kate Bishop for this secret team of hers. And she ordered to terminate Hawkeye to avoid any resistance.



If you observe, Valentina is following a certain pattern. The OG Avengers consisted of a serum-enhanced Soldier loyal to his country, an assassin with zero distractions and an archer. By far, she has recruited John Walker (Captain America’s counterpart) and Yelena Belova(Black Widow 2.0). So the next one might be an archer and that will probably not be Clint Barton. We think that Valentina has her eyes on Kate Bishop.


Yelena Is Trying To Recruit Kate Bishop

However, the question needs to be asked- What does Valentina have to gain from the assassination of Hawkeye? We understand that she wants to assemble a team of replacements for the OG Avengers. But why kill Hawkeye? When she recruited John Walker, she didn’t ask him to assassinate Falcon-turned Captain America. So, is this a test of Yelena’s loyalty? Or is she an independent contractor who has got a client who holds a grudge against Hawkeye for his actions during the blip? We know that Val has got criminal contact, there is no doubt, so that could be someone who Ronan met during the blip.


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The other reason that could’ve affected Val’s decision might be Ronin’s action against the law. During the blip, Ronin went country to country, assassinating criminals. Even if it had its merits, it was not practical. This got him a lot of enemies who could hurt his family if they wanted to. He even broke the Sokovia Accords which were put in place to regulate the activities of this nature. Him going off on his own without the worry of innocent lives made him an enemy of the state. Maybe she is trying to replace Nick Fury and the Avengers with her team. And maybe that is why Val sent a member of her squad, to demonstrate just how dangerous she can be.



In the comics, Kate Bishop is driven by resistance to her immoral parents. It was pretty clear from the trailer that her mother, Eleanor Bishop, was involved in some shady business deals. Some fans even suggest that MCU’s Eleanor Bishop will turn out to be the infamous Madame Masque. Also known as Kate’s arch-nemesis. Vera Farmiga is going to bring Eleanor (or Madame Masque) to life. There is no way Marvel hired such a decorated actress to play a small role like Kate’s mother.


Kate’s father, Derek Bishop is also a known wealthy businessman in the comics. To top it off, he is an abuser whose actions led Kate to choose a path of vigilantism. He is known for his under-the-table deals with many baddies of the comics, the most controversial being Madame Masque. So maybe Derek wants his daughter to join his organization. And maybe he knows that she is working with an Avenger retiree and asked for Clint’s assassination himself. So Val must have assigned Yelena after some of the events of Hawkeye. Some fanatics even suggest that Derek is the head of the organization that employs Valentina.


The ill-doings of Derek and Eleanor are the reason for Kate’s desire for vengeance. Maybe that is the reason she was wearing Clint’s old Ronin costume. One thing that the MCU and comics share so far is Kate being Clint’s protogé. Kate took on the title of Hawkeye and carried Clint’s legacy. She went on to become one of the Young Avengers and the Leader of the West Coast Avengers for a short period.


Yelena Is Trying To Recruit Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop refers to herself as the ‘Best Archer In The World’. Although, she is the second-best, behind Clint Barton. But her teenage comes in her path to the best. She is hot-blooded, stubborn, presumably overconfident, and with no mentor. That was until Hawkeye arrived in the picture. Hawkeye takes her under and trains her to be the next Avenger with a bow. But just like any other teenager, she could be easily manipulated if Hawkeye doesn’t step in. So, it would be interesting to see if Yelena is successful in recruiting Kate Bishop (or Hawkeye, if I dare). There is no doubt that Kate would make a great addition to any team but Dark Avengers can be bad for her as she is still growing into her personality.


What do you think of this theory? Do you think Yelena would still want to kill Clint when she knows the truth about Vormir? Do let us know in the comments below.

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