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20 Times Fans Adored Loki Before and After His Disney+ Series

We all are already missing the God of Mischief and Sylvie as well. As Sylvie has almost started the Multiversal war and now that the Loki season 2 is confirmed, we can’t wait for the next venture already. No doubt, Loki’s fandom is the biggest and we all love the actor, Tom Hiddleston who portrays the role of Loki. So here we bring you some of the funniest memes showing how Fans Adored Loki before, and after his Disney+ series:

1. So Adorably Polited!


2. What Evil – Shivil!!

3. Do Not Disturb!


4. LOL!!

5. So Gorgeous!


6. Seriously!!

7. Such A Poser!!


8. Oh Yeah!!

9. LMAO!!


10. Just Look At Him!!

11. Exactly!!


12. That’s Right!!

13. So Much In Love!!


14. Awwww!!!

15. My Precious!!


16. Very Much Trying!!

17. Wonderful!!


18. Not For Long!!

19. OMG!!

20. Love of Our Life!!

So this is how the fans adored Loki.

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