New Scoop Suggests We Won’t Be Seeing Bruce Banner in MCU For a Long Time

Bruce Banner won’t be in MCU for a long time:

Avengers: Endgame introduced us to a version of Hulk that certainly surprised many. While there is absolutely no one that didn’t like Smart Hulk, there were surely many people who were disappointed over the fact that he didn’t have much to do in the final battle. But we have to keep in mind that Marvel left Hulk alive, so they surely have something big and green up there sleeve. According to a new scoop from Roger Wardell, they’re going to bring in the Immortal Hulk. Here’s what Wardell recently tweeted:

Bruce Banner won't be in MCU For a Long Time

This is totally understandable. Smart Hulk revealed that he spent 18 months in a gamma lab as Banner and was able to achieve a result that was the best of both worlds. Apart from the snap that brought everyone back, we’re yet to see more of the qualities that Smart Hulk has. Wardell has suggested that his next iterations could be based on Doc Green and Immortal Hulk storylines. Well, readers are aware that Doc Green is an Extremis-enhanced Hulk who is possibly even smarter than Bruce Banner. As for Immortal Hulk, he surely is one of the strongest versions of Hulk to have ever existed. So really, Hulk’s future could be brighter (or much darker) than we may have thought.

Bruce Banner won't be in MCU For a Long Time

There are several things that are left to do with the Hulk. Now that Banner has achieved the Smart Hulk form, we really doubt that we’d actually see puny little Banner again. Maybe we might see a bit of him through flashbacks that show how he achieved the Smart Hulk form. These flashbacks could either be shown when Smart Hulk appears in the She-Hulk series. Or they could happen in a “Bulk” movie that Mark Ruffalo has suggested in the past.

Ruffalo stated that he has pitched and is still pitching the idea of a ‘Bulk’ movie. Now Bulk is the mesh of Banner & Hulk that we got to see in Endgame. He is Smart Hulk. So clearly, Marvel will not be leaving the 5 year time jump vacant. They’d be filling up the gaps at some point of time. But this is the only place where Banner could appear for a tiny bit.

Apart from that Bulk is possibly going to remain for a long period of time. And if you think about it, Marvel could be transitioning him into the Immortal Hulk right from the beginning. Remember how Bruce once told us that he put a bullet in his mouth, and the big guy spit it out. A bullet to the brain usually kills a person. But here it didn’t.

Bruce Banner won't be in MCU For a Long Time

In The Incredible Hulk, Bruce jumped out of a plane & as he landed, the Hulk emerged. Bruce hoped for the same in Ragnarok as he jumped on the Bifrost bridge. But the change didn’t happen as fast as it did previously and Banner was gravely wounded (if not dead). But the Hulk saved him. He healed his body. This was the case with Immortal Hulk in the comics. Hulk healed several injuries of Banner. He resurrected him several times.

Hulk vs Juggernaut vs The Thing

Even when Hulk’s own limbs were cut off & kept separate, he managed to reform his body with his healing factor. So, this might be the case with the MCU’s Hulk as well. Which means Immortal Hulk has been in the MCU all along. But the only thing that even Immortal Hulk might never be able to heal is his right arm. Anyway, if we’re indeed going to get this one-armed Immortal Hulk, then we should be afraid because the true form of Immortal Hulk is: The Devil Hulk. Once Hulk gets into this mode, he lives only to destroy everything around him. He basically becomes Doomsday, but only stronger.

Bruce Banner won't be in MCU For a Long Time

This is what might be in store for us as the Devil Hulk was possibly teased in Age of Ultron. Wanda possibly showed Hulk and everyone what was really coming in their future. What role do you think Bruce Banner could play in the future? Do you see him controlling Smart Hulk at any point beyond She-Hulk? Tell us in the comments down below.

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