New Update States that She-Hulk Could Surely Appear in Spider-Man 3  

She-Hulk Appear in Spider-Man 3: 

Spider-Man 3 is currently on schedule to release next year. A while back, all filming locations for Spider-Man 3 were revealed as the movie is supposed to go through Principal Photography in Atlanta, Georgia; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA, and Iceland. We’ve discussed in the past that Iceland usually comes in as a double for Russian locations, so that was a big hint for Kraven the Hunter. Now, through the filming locations and filming dates, we’ve got another hint for a major MCU character to appear in Spider-Man 3.

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From the last year on, we’ve been suspecting that a glorified Marvel lawyer should make an appearance in the next Spidey outing. The kind of situation that Mysterio left Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in, he is in more need for a lawyer than anyone else in the country. Mysterio framed Pete for a murder that he didn’t commit. Peter is still a teenager and cannot legally fight his own case. So this would certainly give Marvel an opportunity to bring in someone like Matt Murdock & introduce Daredevil to the big leagues.

But Marvel Studios cannot use Daredevil until November due to their deal with Netflix. Spider-Man 3 on the other hand is scheduled to film from July 3 to October 30, 2020. So Daredevil cannot legally appear in the MCU until after November. That makes the case for someone like Jennifer Walters to step into the picture.

She-Hulk Appear in Spider-Man 3 

Jennifer Walters is also a proficient lawyer in the comics. In fact, after becoming She-Hulk, she actually fights legal cases for Superheroes quite regularly. Since the She-Hulk series is heading to Disney+ in 2022, Spider-Man 3 would set the stage for Jennifer Walters perfectly. The reason we believe that she will be in Spider-Man 3 is not just because Peter Parker is in need of a lawyer & Marvel has the perfect opportunity to introduce Jennifer in another film before her own series, but it is because of the filming dates & location for the series.

She-Hulk is also supposed to film in Atlanta, Georgia at Pinewood Studios in July. So it’d be a perfect arrangement for Jen Walters to also shoot her scenes in Spider-Man 3 simultaneously. If this assumption is true, then we’ve also got another assumption to make. The debut of Jen Walters will obviously be in her pre-She-Hulk days as she won’t have been in the accident that leads to her becoming She-Hulk yet. We do believe that Peter has to step up as his own hero, and that’s why him getting legal help from a normal human being would be fine instead of some other superhero assisting him in his fights against the big bad villains.

She-Hulk Appear in Spider-Man 3 

Marvel has a habit of introducing characters in other projects before giving them their own spotlight. So, if they bring Jen Walters in Spider-Man 3 like they used Spider-Man & Black Panther in Civil War or Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, then obviously the She-Hulk series will get a better viewership since they will be watching a familiar character. In fact, Spider-Man 3 could actually show us the accident that Jen Walters will endure.

Since she will be helping out Peter and there would be other villains who will be after Peter, the accident that puts Jen Walters in the hospital could be caused by villains like Scorpion or Kraven. These are the two supposed villains who are rumored to go up against Spider-Man. So, Marvel could definitely draw a connection. But obviously, all these assumptions could turn out to be wrong. In fact, filming for both Spider-Man 3 & She-Hulk could get pushed due to the Pandemic.

She-Hulk Appear in Spider-Man 3 

As of now, we’re not sure of who is playing Jennifer Walters in the MCU. But rumor has it that Marvel is looking for an Alison Brie type. Her comments “The Late Late Show with James Corden” also seemed to hint at the fact that she has already spoken to Marvel about the role. Let’s see what happens.

Spider-Man 3 will hopefully arrive on July 16, 2021.

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