10 Best Hollywood Sequels of All Time

Hollywood is obsessed with sequels, which is why almost every successful film these days gets them. Not every sequel is successful and with Hollywood’s track record we can say that most of them are flops. Still, there have been some that have kept the game going and set great examples. Let us take a look at some of the best sequels of Hollywood:

10. Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The movie managed to do what the book had done for the series and became the best movie of the franchise. Catching fire is better than the other 3 films because it has a great speed and enough content for a whole film (unlike Mockingjay pt 1). Being the ‘All stars’ version of the Hunger Games, catching fire has good characters and takes the series to its darker and political side.

9. Before Sunset:

This trilogy set a new high for romance movies as it was totally unconventional and the director took risks. Ethan Hawke’s Jesse and Julie Delpy’s Celine meet again in Paris after their first life-changing encounter and have a conversation over the period of one afternoon. The trilogy has set a good example for low budget movies.

8. X-Men 2:

The X men franchise has had many films till now and not every movie was good. From the original films X-2 is definitely a better and more ambitious film. It is better than its predecessor and gives every character a chance to shine.

7. Spider-Man 2:

There have been 6 spiderman movies by now but the sequel to the original trilogy stands out. We still had Toby Maguire as Peter Parker and a great villain for this movie. There are better action sequences and the movie is more focused and exciting.

6. Toy Story 2:

This movie was a benchmark for Pixar and proved to be better than its predecessor. Originally it was meant to be a straight to video release but then it took the box office by storm. It has a 100% rating on Rotten tomatoes and is one of the best-animated movies till date.

5. Dawn of the planet of the apes:

This sequel brought its rebooted franchise on the map and featured the awesome sight of rifle holding apes riding on horses and charging into battle. It is a good standalone movie and the change of director helps the franchise immensely. There is mind blowing CGI and Andy Serkis’s jaw dropping performance as Caeser.

4. LOTR: Two Towers

LOTR is one of the most successful franchises of Hollywood and certainly the most successful fantasy series. The second movie in a trilogy always faces the difficult task of keeping the pace and being relevant and not just a filler for the finale. Peter Jackson did a great job and did not just make a set up for the finale. It is 179 minutes of awesomeness and a total treat to watch.

3. The Empire Strikes Back:

Another great sequel was ‘Empire strikes back’ from the Star Wars franchise as it brought the fan favourite Yoda to the picture and set a benchmark for Hollywood sequels. The movie has a lot of great moments and manages to combine many elements into an exhilarating feat of sci-fi cinema. If you love science fiction then this is a movie you must watch.

2. The Godfather Part II:

It must have been a huge task to make a successful sequel for one of the best movies ever made. Part II made up for the lack of the great Marlon Brando with the young Robert De Niro playing Vito Corleone, the actor won an Academy Award for his work as the future Don. The movie also won ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best adapted screenplay’ and Coppola finally won the ‘Best Director’ award that slipped from him the first time.

 1. Dark Knight:sequels

One of the best sequels that are has a great plot and most importantly a great villain. This is one of those rare movies which are more memorable than the first one and continues to be loved by fans. Heath Ledger took the movie to another level and remains one of the best villains in cinematic history. The movie is thrilling and has a good plot and performances which are why it is at the top of the list.

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