10 Great Actors Who Have Totally Been Wasted In MCU

The MCU is full of remarkable actors now, and as it has become the biggest brand in Hollywood, more and more big guns of Hollywood want to be a part of this magical cinematic universe! But every now and then, in pursuit of casting big-name actors, the movies actually don’t give them the roles that could live up to their full potential and their talent is more or less wasted. Here are the actors who have been wasted in MCU.

Karl Urban – Skurge

When Urban was cast in Thor: Ragnarok as Skurge, there was not one soul who was not excited to see him Thor: Ragnarok. But when the movie came out and we saw what part Skurge got in the entire plot, all the fans were disappointed as Urban’s character only had one great moment which lasted seconds and he did not get anything significant to do at all.

Neal McDonough – Dum Dum Dugan

McDonough played a brief role in the first Captain America movie where he tagged along as a team member of Cap and kicked a lot of Nazi butts. But his screen time was very limited and he did not do anything more than drink jugs of beer. An actor of his caliber does deserve movie than this.

Christopher Eccleston – Malekith

Eccleston played the Dark Elf Malekith in Thor: The Dark Wold and he is considered as one of the worst if not the worst villains of the entire MCU. He had no character development whatsoever, very limited dialogue and nothing to do except get his ass kicked repeatedly. Even with the power of an Infinity Stone, he was not able to accomplish anything at all!

Thomas Kretschmann – Von Strucker

Kretschmann played the number one thug of HYDRA after all other important heads of the organization died. He was set as a very significant villain at the end of The Winter Soldier but was killed off straight away right at the beginning of Age of Ultron.

Idris Elba – Heimdall

Elba has had 4 appearances in the MCU till now and all 4 of them have been worth next to nothing. At a point, he really hated playing this role and so would anyone if given this role with nothing to do at all. Now he will appear in Infinity War, only to die at the beginning of the movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Pepper Potts

Just like Heimdall, Pepper Ports is a character that has not been given much to do. Even though the writers of all the Iron Man movies have tried to make her as important as they could, she still turns out to be someone that only wastes our time being on screen. Paltrow is an actress much bigger than this.

Anthony Hopkins – Odin

Odin has been wasted as a character itself, let alone wasting sir Anthony Hopkins over him. In the 3 Thor movies Hopkins has been in, he has done nothing but sleep, be absent and die. He may have had a hand in driving Thor’s character arc a little bit, but accept that, the AL father had nothing more to offer.

Mads Mikkelsen – Kaecilius

Mickelsen is as great an actor there could ever be in Hollywood. He is known for his villainous roles in Hannibal and Casino Royale, and people were really excited when he was cast as the villain for Doctor Strange. With so much personality and really great acting potential, Mikkelson got to play a villain that was not worth anything at all.

Benicio Del Toro – The Collector

Taneleer Tivan aka the Collector has had nothing but 2 cameos in the MCU, and he will have the same sort of role in Infinity War, being there only to die at the hands of the Mad Titan. Just watch Sicario, and you’ll know why this was the biggest waste of MCU.

Natalie Portman – Jane Foster

wasted MCU actors

Jane Foster is pretty big in the comics as she becomes the new God of Thunder, but Jane Forster in the MCU was nothing but a girl Thor was hung over after spending a weekend with her. Natalie Portman is an actress who has done way bigger roles than this pretty successfully, and this was a total waste of her talent. It’s good that her character was written off in Ragnarok.

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