6 Awesome Wolverine Suits That We Wish To Wear

Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #180 in 1974 and since then it has become one of the most recognizable and strongest mutants in the world of Marvel. With the upcoming ‘Logon’, the craze seems to be unstoppable with fans taking the discussions to forums and sites like Reddit. One of the things that kept us talking about Logan is his yellow suit and there are several suits except for the classic one that you still have not explored. So we bring you six variants of Wolverine suits that you probably don’t know about.

Original Yellow Suit

6 Awesome Wolverine Suits That We Wish To Wear

Wolverine is popularly known for her classic yellow and blue suit which was the brainchild of Department H. This suit includes impressive whiskers and a black-color nose. Thanks to Len Wein who reviewed the Marvel’s X-Men comics, who created the claws and designed them to his gloves, which was a great move initially. That means logan didn’t have claws before?


Wolverine donned the same original yellow suit until he joined one of the biggest groups of mutants, X-Men. Well, the costume designed for the group was almost same, but it didn’t have whiskers and it included long black ears.


As Wolverine was introduced in new timelines and crossover events, the creators kept giving him a new costume with enhanced look. And this time it was turned brown.

Black Suit

During his solo missions, Wolverine decided to make some changes in his costume and then he came up with a black stealth armor, where he face-painted himself, but he rather continued with brown with X-Men.


During one time when Wolverine was separated from his Adamantium skeleton, he decided to don the costume and used a bandanna to cover his face.


This time logan donned the Ablation Armour when he lost his super healing powers and needed a strong covering to protect himself.

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