Justice League Deleted Scene Image Shows Batman Materializing The Batmobile

Justice League was DC’s latest entry in their shared Universe and it did end up failing more or less if you think about it. The movie went through a lot behind the scenes even before the movie’s release as a change in the Director’s chair happened due to Zack Snyder’s tragedy, and the movie went through extensive reshoots under Joss Whedon as WB ordered many changes in the movie that Snyder almost finished. As a result, the movie was yet another failure on the part of the critics and it did well with the fans yet again. So ultimately, it was yet another failure on the part of WB.

The movie had Batman take the lead along with Wonder Woman in order to bring the rest of the Leagers together, as Earth was left defenseless with Superman gone and a major threat loomed over the planet. While Batman V Superman set up the perfect bad-ass Batman that we have always wanted to see, Justice League tried to excel over that, but in doing so, they actually ruined Batman by making him do nothing but switch from one Gadget to another.

We saw Batman wearing two new suits, one was an upgrade from BvS, while the other one was the Tactical Armour that provided him a little extra protection against the Parademons. He also brought in the Knight Crawler, along with the prototype troop carrier called the Flying Fox. Among all these, we also got to see an upgraded version of the Batmobile that we also saw in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

While the Batmobile got major new guns and weapons added onto it, we never actually got to see that happening in the movie since there was no screen time left whatsoever, to fit a scene showing Bruce Wayne doing that. Justice League had cut many scenes as Zack Snyder’s version of the movie was actually close to 3 hours while Joss Wheon had to bring that down to 2 hours as ordered by WB Executives. For that, extensive reshoots took place to change the direction and the tone of Snyder’s movie. 

A new image has been posted on Reddit which shows that amongst the many deleted scenes from Justice League, one actually had Batman materializing the Batmobile with new weapons and armory. Even though we would never get to see that since it has been released nowhere, the reddit image does give us a tease at that particular scene. 

This scene would surely be a part of the unfinished Snyder Cut which will never see the light of the day now. Justice League Storyboard Artist Jay Oliva mentioned in a tweet earlier that the Snyder Cut is 99% finished. By that he meant that the movie had finished shooting the scenes up to 99% and Snyder had a cut which had already been arranged in the correct order, which just a little bit of reshoots required.

But that 99% of footage shot did not have finished Special Effects, so if WB would have to release the Snyder Cut, they will have to bring Snyder back and have him finish the special effects on the movie, which will never happen after what actually happened with Zack Snyder. Artist Jay Oliva who worked with Snyder on the movie recently confirmed what he actually meant by the finished Snyder Cut. Here’s what he said:

“Well, I wouldn’t discount Zack having a trailer ready. He’s really good at cutting trailers, but I don’t think he’s been working on Justice League since I’m sure he has a cut he’s happy with that he screened to execs way back in the editing of Justice League prior to Whedon.”

Oliva also mentioned the fact that the who release the Snyder Cut movement is about the fans asking for the exact movie that Snyder had planned even if the Studio is not interested in finishing and polishing the film into a final product. He continued:

“That’s what the whole movement is about. It’s not about finishing the film it’s about showing the fans of Zack’s universe established in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman the more accurate representation of where the story was supposed to go.”

Justice League Deleted Scene Image Shows Batman Materializing The Batmobile

We could only wish that WB releases the Snyder Cut someday, but we have to accept the fact that it is never going to happen. 

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