6 Reasons Why Guardians of the Galaxy Can Beat The Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy is another team of Superheroes that exist in the cosmos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One could say that they are the space Avengers considering the match ups that could happen individually against their members and the Avengers. Here are the reasons for why they can take down the Avengers.

Drax out-muscles Captain America

We may fond Drax mentally a little less stronger than Captain America or any other smart individual, but what he lacks in brains, he makes up in brute muscular strength. We all saw how he handled the cybernetic Korath where he just bezerked him by giving a “Finger to his throat”. A battle between Cap and Drax would be really long and brutal.

Rocket out-techs Tony Stark

Rocket is known to have one of the best tactical minds the Universe has ever seen and Iron Man’s Armour might not be enough in front the alien tech and equipment Rocket builds and together on a regular basis. Given enough prep time Rocket might be able to take out the entire Avengers team.

Taking the fight to Space

The Avengers always have the advantage of fighting at their home (earth) but they have never had the experience of fighting in Space. One could say that Thor is alien to earth but considering he lives quite sheltered on Asgard he would not be considered as a Space fighter. So, the Guardians will have a definite advantage over the Avengers if the fight is taken to Space.

Gamora and Yondu would beat Black Widow and Hawkeye

Gamora is the daughter of the Mad Titan Thanos and is way more powerful and trained than Black Widow who is just a Human Being with no powers at all. The time it would take for Hawkeye to draw an arrow would be too slow as Yondu’s arrow would have already killed him within a blink of an eye.

“I am Grooooooot”


Groot maybe took a sweet humanoid tree but the powers he has would be way too much for the Avengers to handle including The Hulk! Groot has the powers of the entire plant force and along with that, he has Telepathy which could be used against the Hulk. Also, Groot can grow and extend up to any size he wants and create miniature versions of himself. Groot can take out all the Avengers alone.

Tap into the Celestial

Star-Lord is a half human and half alien being. He has a lot of fancy tech and weapons like the gravity miner, space guns, jetpacks and other cool stuff which come in very handy in a fight. Keeping the tech aside, Star-Lord is the son of EGO-the living Planet and can tap into the strength of an entire planet and use it against anyone he wants. None of the Avengers is as strong as a planet!

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