10 Highly Anticipated Shows That Disappointed Fans Big Time

Over the last few years, we have seen a rise in the number of series and this has allowed some of the major narrative pieces to be adapted into shows. These shows have an original story and the creators behind them have been able to focus on making the story as much as convincing as possible by providing interesting narratives. Even major franchises have opted for this means of telling their stories with the rise in the number of streaming services and binge-able content. We are going to see a lot of spinoffs and original shows even in the upcoming years. With this rise in the number of shows, there have also been cases where the shows haven’t been able to deliver on the hype behind these shows. Let’s take a look at a few highly anticipated shows that disappointed fans as they weren’t able to live up to their expectations.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Fans had been excited to see The Falcon and The Winter Solider because we would have been able to see a more grounded tale of characters who don’t have superpowers. At the same time, it was gonna give us a hint towards how Captain America’s legacy will be carried on now in the MCU. The show failed to do proper justice to the narrative of making Sam Wilson the Captain America now. Another major issue with the series was the CGI that was a bit faulty at times.


Iron Fist

As a part of the Netflix shows fans were excited to hear that we will be getting a show based on the character of Danny Rand. It was gonna be an interesting chance to see the character use a mix of martial arts and mystical powers. The series saw problems with the casting of the lead character because fans thought it will be an Asian actor based on the massive Asian influence of the character. More failures followed as we saw the terrible way in which the fight sequence for the series was shot.


Jessica Jones

Another exciting project was definitely the Jessica Jones series that came out as a part of the Netflix Marvel shows. The series followed a somewhat detective-like tone for the character and it didn’t end up utilizing the character and her powers. We did get to see the characters being explored in a much better manner in The Defender but as a solo venture, Jessica Jones really didn’t have anything strong to hold for itself.


True Detective Season 2

Highly anticipated shows that disappointed fans

True Detective was one of the most interesting and acclaimed shows that we had gotten to see and it ruled the awards seasons. It was initially supposed to be a solo venture but the success ensured a second season and we were excited to see what we were gonna get this time. When the second season arrived it was so terrible that fans still consider Season 1 as a limited series. The massive star cast did anything but improve the narrative as it hardly had anything to redeem its story.


Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man is one of the most popular Graphic novels and has won several awards and there was much discussion for an adaptation for a long period of time. It was going to be a treat for the fans to see the characters of this much-beloved graphic novel come to life. The series received somewhat of an okay critical response and it didn’t even have sufficient viewership. It has been canceled now because of creative differences between the people involved in the adaptation.


Fear The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead introduced us to one of the best shows on TV and it got us hooked on the world of zombies. It ended up being one of the best adaptations of the comics and there is a massive fan following for the series. When fans found out that there is gonna be a spinoff show based on the same world they were excited but it was not to be because of the terrible show we ended up getting. One of the most essential parts of the show, the zombies ended up being a laughing stock for the series and a lot more other errors made sure that the series was a poor attempt at the world.



It was exciting news when Netflix announced that they will be working on a series that will be based on the character of Nurse Ratched. The character who appeared in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is considered to be one of the evilest characters in history. But the series adaptation tried to put too much in the narrative and hence failed to deliver us with the story that we expected to see. It even failed to do proper justice to the character of Nurse Ratched even though we got to see a brilliant performance from Sarah Paulson.


Space Force

Highly anticipated shows that disappointed fans

When an announcement regarding a show involving Greg Daniels and Steve Carrell was made it became one of the most anticipated shows from Netflix. The series was going to be the next big thing after The Office and yet when it got out it failed to come even close. With one too many forced moments of hilarity, the series become one of the most poorly received shows from the streaming service.


Jupiter’s Legacy

Another major comics adaptation was the Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy and it was going to be one of the competitors for Amazon’s The Boys. Fans wanted to see how the gritty narrative was going to be adapted and at the same time get another superhero treat. The series failed to gather an audience from the very first episode considering it focused too much on the fights and narrative. There was hardly any exploration of the various characters in the series and thus viewers hardly ended up caring for their fates. The show has been canceled now with reports that it will now work on spinoffs and other ways of going about the story.



There was much excitement when it was heard that we will be getting a series set around an Arthurian legend based on the works of Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. Added to the excitement was the fact that it was gonna feature 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford in the lead role. Critics and fans were harsh in talking about the poor plot construction and the bad adaptation of the source material. Even the protagonist failed at connecting with the audience and thus it failed to deliver on the hype and anticipation.

So these were some of the highly anticipated shows that disappointed fans. Tell us about some more shows that did not live up to your expectations.

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