5 Mind-Blowing Theories About Your Favorite Superhero Movies

Ever wondered if there was a different theory that could change everything about your favorite superhero movies. Plots that we see as a part of the movie can actually signify more than it meets the eye. Here are some fan favorite theories that we’d like to share:

Stan Lee has known to appear as a cameo in almost all Marvel movies but has you ever wondered if this is just a cameo or is he playing the part of a Utah. You ask me! Utah is a cosmic being whose task is to keep an eye on the earth and log what goes on without being noticed and interfering.

Does it raise the question of Stan Lee being an extra-terrestrial Utah on earth, to oversee everything?! Now that’s a thought.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman are known to be Kryptonian, from last what we saw in Man of Steel when Kent Clark finds a crashed Kryptonian ship on earth, which has apparently been there for 18,000 years deep-seated in ice. Well, ever wondered whatever happened to the actual Kryptonians on that particular ship?!

Now here’s a popular fan theory – some Kryptonians survived and established an underwater colony which we now see as Aquaman’s home as Atlantis, while the second fan theory being, they founded Wonder Woman’s Amazonian society of Themyscira.

Jason Todd as Jared Leto’s Joker, doing the fires with this one – fans apparently believe that Jared Leto’s Joker is actually Batman’s sidekick Robin. In the movie Batman Vs Superman, we saw Batman’s memorial with the Robin suit, which we believe was the last suit donned by Robin. Joker killed Robin severely with a crowbar in comic books before killing him in the explosion.

So what fans believe is that Robin is back from the grave and has gone bonkers, and finally as a cruel accolade to his attacker took up Jokers identity. A possibility that Joker in all actuality is Jason Todd picking the mantle of a villain. Director Zack Snyder has already hinted at this possibility.

Guardians of the Galaxy saw Star Lords dad, the ‘big’ mystery has always been lurking on Peter Quill’s father. But ever wondered if the movie actually featured Quills father?!

Knowing that Quill’s father is an alien and Star-lord has the ability to use an infinity stone without exploding. When the Warlord appeared from a cocoon, did it also contain Star-Lords dad?

The Red Skull is alive; this HYDRA leader was seen fighting against Captain America to control the Tesseract. While the Red Skull was able to grab the Tesseract but was sucked in by the open portal. Ever since we’ve wondered, where did Red Skull vanish if not dead?!

All we can say is that Red Skull is alive somewhere in the portal and hope to return to Marvel Universe, stronger than before.


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