Fascinating Details From MCU Spider-Man: Homecoming You Would Love

Details From MCU Spider-Man Homecoming:

Making a hit movie and attracting an audience is one thing but building a fan base throughout the globe who engages with your universe is another. MCU has undoubtedly succeeded in both as some of the trendiest topics on the internet are always related to the Marvel Universe. It not only focuses on the superhero and their action stunts but infuse comedy, emotional and engaging story, Easter-Eggs, as well as connect every storyline that always gives us a new topic to discuss. Spider-Man: Homecoming is one such MCU movie that shows us the world outside the Avengers and how it is impacted by them. It almost feels related to our own world, if only the mighty heroes existed for real. From Captain America giving fitness tips to Bruce Banner’s science experiments, most of these heroes were taught in Peter Parker aka Spider-Man’s school. There are more interesting details in the movie that we have mentioned on this list.

 1. The Web Combinations In Spidey’s Suit

Spider-Man suit saw an unprecedented level of tech and updates at the hands of Tony Stark. The genius billionaire also added a combination of various web shoots for his mentee. Some of them included a Venom web, Shield web, and an arrow web. It was a tiny detail that could be missed by anyone.

 2. The Battle At Triskelion

Details From MCU Spider-Man Homecoming
Details From MCU Spider-Man Homecoming

In Homecoming, when the school was taking them to Washington for the Academic Decathlon, fans spotted aftermath of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There was a diversion board on their way that read “Triskelion Clean Up”. It’s fascinating when MCU connects its movies and acknowledges the actions of one’s story affecting the others’.

 3. Why Spider-Man, Not SpiderMan

Fans have always wondered the origin of how it came to be Spider-Man with the hyphen. The great Stan Lee has also been very particular of never putting the two together for Spider-Man and Iron Man-like DC’s Superman and Batman. He believed that both are different words and describe the powers a ‘man’ possessed. However, Homecoming played with this history and blended it to Peter’s story. Since he couldn’t fit both Spider and Man in a line, he was compelled to add a hyphen.

 4. The Amazing Spider-Man #267

Hardcore Marvel fans and comic book readers are the first to decipher a hidden detail. One of the fans cracked how The Amazing Spider-Man #267 inspired the chase scene in Homecoming when Spider-Man jumped over a car while running after the Vulture’s gang. What makes it more interesting is that the car he pounced on had a number plate that read 267.

 5. Ultron’s Head

This Easter-Egg or detail had taken its turn on the internet for the longest time. We are referring to the time when Spider-Man fetched out Ultron’s head. The part that left us jaw dropped was when Ultron’s eyes glowed red.

 6. The Vulture’s Silhouette

Apart from Christian Bale’s Batman, Michael Keaton is also one of the best known Caped Crusador. One of the most significant moments of his Batman was the bat shadow on the moon. Homecoming paid a tribute to this iconic scene by showing The Vulture silhouette played by him on the moon.

 7. Peter Parker Topped In Physics

Practical knowledge always comes handy over theoretical knowledge. That’s why we could see Peter Parker being able to answer a question on the pendulum’s swing despite having a pre-occupied mind. His experience with webs and swinging by them gave him an edge over other students.

 8. Bruce Banner In Peter’s Science Lessons

Apart from Howard Stark, another great scientist to be recognized by Peter Parker’s school syllabus is Bruce Banner. Apart from being a building-smashing Hulk, Bruce Banner is a renowned scientist to the outside world who holds seven PhDs. Imagine the excitement level of Peter Parker who was not only working under Tony Stark but also Bruce Banner.

 9. Peter Parker’s Teacher

The Incredible Hulk may be considered almost non-existent to the MCU but some of its bits are still acknowledged in the following movies. For instance, Mark Ruffalo recalling his attempt to shoot himself only to be stopped by the Hulk was taken from The Incredible Hulk. Similarly, the college student in The Incredible Hulk was Peter Parker’s science teacher, Roger Harrington, at the Midtown School of Science and Technology. He studied from the Culver University and helped Bruce Banner to get access to the computer in exchange for pizza. It was him who appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home. It was also confirmed later by Kevin Feige.

 10. Howard Stark Cameo

Yes! Did you miss Howard Stark’s cameo in Homecoming? As we mentioned before, Spider-Man movies show us a world outside the Avengers and SHIELD and how their actions impact their surroundings. In reference to that, Tony Stark’s father, Howard was seen in a mural that paid tribute to the greatest scientists.

Details From MCU Spider-Man Homecoming
Details From MCU Spider-Man Homecoming

There are more such interesting details that fans spotted after re-watching the movie. Some of them being MJ reading ‘Of Human Bondage’ which was about an orphan boy who lived with his uncle and aunt, Spider-Man using a ‘jump and roll’ trick he learnt from Captain America in Civil War, and Vibranium being included on the Periodic Table. Don’t forget to share with us any detail that you discovered in the movie.

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