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10 Most Money Making Movie Trilogies Ranked

Some movies are pieces of art. Sometimes we get to see a continuation and expansion on that art when a sequel comes out. But then there are also the rare chances when we get to see beautiful trilogies of movies that rock the box office. Nowadays, it happens so often that we had to draw up a list and see which trilogy made how much. Here are the 10 most money making movie trilogies ranked.

How to Train Your Dragon – $1.63 Billion

When it comes to animation, Dreamworks is a wonderful studio. They are almost unmatched in their perfect execution of a story and beautiful visuals. How To Train Your Dragon is a magnificent example of this. The movie focuses on a young Viking who is more inclined towards creating mechanical things than actual combat. He is shunned by his village but forms an unwitting alliance with a dragon. What happens next warms our hearts every time we watch it.


Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – $1.8 Billion

You cannot ignore Star Wars when you discuss money-making trilogies. Episode IV to Episode VI were the most popular in the series. This was because they were the ones that set up the original story and introduced us to Darth Vader. We fell in love with Luke, Leia, Vader, and Han Solo. There was nothing in the world cooler than Star Wars back when the original trilogy came out. Although the numbering of the movies has always been confusing it was nice to see that this trilogy also made the list.


Captain America – $2.25 Billion

The Captain America Trilogy was one of the most successful in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Steve Rogers made his mark with The First Avenger and solidified his fan base by the end of Avengers. Very soon we were at a point where we could not imagine an MCU without Captain America. So imagine our surprise when in his third movie Cap went against Tony and an entire Civil War played out. The MCU sure did get chaotic but they made a lot of money off it that is for sure.


Iron Man Trilogy – $2.4 Billion

Most Money Making Movie Trilogies

Iron Man is what kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in earnest. This movie franchise re-created the superhero genre in such a way that we could not help but look on in awe. Robert Downey Jr. Gave us a completely new look for Iron Man. One that fans adored and fell in love with. Some fans even say that the entire MCU is just one big sequel to the first Iron Man, and I mean… We don’t explicitly disagree. However, the three movies titled Iron Man certainly hold their own with their box office numbers. Must be nice to be a billion-dollar franchise.


The Dark Knight Trilogy – $2.46 Billion

Before there were movie universes there was The Dark Knight Trilogy. Christopher Nolan created a masterpiece with his version of Batman. With the help of Christian Bale, Nolan was able to create a Batman that we all believed could exist in the real world. From his problems with keeping a secret identity to fighting criminals every day. Every punch that Bale through in the trilogy has weight and intent behind it. This is the kind of movie-making that creates art. We are glad that Nolan created a trilogy out of it and made enough money to inspire movies like Iron Man.


Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy – $2.5 Billion

The Star Wars trilogy was one of the most successful franchises in the history of monies. They garnered such a cult following because of their main villain ergo Darth Vader. So it was obvious that when the prequel trilogy came out detailing the transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Vader, the fans were overjoyed and flocked the theatres. Even though the fandom holds the original trilogy in higher regard, the prequel trilogy still made more money at the box office. There are several factors for this, including the fact that the prequel trilogy was released later.


Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy – $2.5 Billion

When we talk about superhero movie trilogies how can we forget Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man? Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi brought us a very different version of Spider-Man than what we were used to seeing. The first movie blew up on the box office back in 2001 and was the talk of the town. It created a cult following behind itself and led to a lot of praise for the director. The second movie went a step further by giving us an iconic villain, who by the way. was the main reveal of the Far From Home trailer. Needless to say, this trilogy earned every dollar it made and more.


The Hobbit Trilogy – $2.93 Billion

Most Money Making Movie Trilogies

As trilogies go it is very rare to see a prequel series do worse than the original series on the box office. But there is not much difference in the case of the Lord of The Rings franchise. Especially since the prequel Hobbit trilogy made almost 3 Billion dollars. The franchise is one of the most well revered in movie-making history, and the numbers certainly clarify that.


The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy – $2.99 Billion

Now we get to the main part of the list. Lord of The Rings is one of the best-known franchises throughout the world. Mainly because the world-building in the franchise is rivaled by only some fantasy stories. Hence, it comes as no surprise to any of us that the original trilogy in the franchise made over $3 billion. The franchise has garnered a cult following, with some people cosplaying their favorite characters and blowing us away. This is right up there with the best movie franchises out there.


Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy – $4.47 Billion

Since Avengers is not technically a trilogy it does not find itself on this list. However, we are quite happy to see Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy on the top of the list. The story of Rae in the time of peace is awe-inspiring, even though Disney may have ruined the magic. Now that the franchises are back in the hands of Lucasfilms we can see how the last movie made the fans so happy. We just hope that this trend continues later in the franchise.

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