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How Eternals Could Be Responsible For Creating The Biggest Weapon of Captain America

One of the most essential details that Eternals worked upon was to tell us the history of these characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is this history done through heavy exposition that tells us a lot about how they have had an influence on Earth for a long time. While doing this they cleared up a lot of details that have been making rounds from the past movies and projects that dealt with these details. There were various fan theories that were given way from the very first time we got a look at the movie. Marvel is known for masterfully distributing their details throughout their projects for fans. Based on our theory around Eternals, there is a chance that the Eternals could have had a hand in creating the biggest weapon of Captain America. 


One of the major issues with Eternals is that it has to give a lot of exposition regarding the past events surrounding the Eternals, the Deviants, and the Celestials. While this helped us to get a fair understanding of their presence in the history of the universe, at the same time it affected the present-day plot of the movie. Each character had an influence on Earth in their own way. But the most major impact definitely has to be with that of Phastos.


Brian Tyree Henry’s character is very skillful with technology and has helped humans with some of the major advances in this field. We had clearly seen him help the civilization with his own technological advances that included everything from crops to guns. This gave way to both the pros and cons of advances and Phastos had to take responsibility for all those and there are moments where we see him do that. But there is a chance that Phastos might have done the people of Earth a great help by giving them the First Avenger.


Where Did Howard Stark Get Vibranium?

The Biggest Weapon of Captain America

Howard Stark’s character in Captain America: The First Avenger is shown to be someone who is ripe into technology and is continuously working on one invention or the other. He was involved in the Super Soldier program that was responsible for the creation of Captain America. When it came to getting Cap his weapon, Stark got him the shield. But fans have been pondering over how did Stark get his hands on the Vibranium required for making the shield. Stark mentions to Cap after handing him the shield, “It’s the rarest metal on earth. What you’re holding there, that’s all we’ve got.”


There have been various fan theories suggesting that there could have been two meteorites that gave way to two different societies getting hold of the precious metal. But that does not make sense considering both of them won’t have named it the same way while being unaware of its presence in two different places in the world. Another theory suggests that Howard Stark might have had some interaction with Wakanda and through these means he acquired a certain amount of Vibranium. But there has been no confirmation on that yet and even if there was there would have been mentions regarding this already. Now that we have been introduced to the Eternals there is another way that Howard Stark could have been introduced to the rare metal.


Vibranium In Eternals

There have been references made to the Avengers from the very first trailers that we got to see for Eternals. This was mostly because the movie was trying to indicate that the presence of these godlike characters could have had a major influence on the world. We got to see Captain America’s shield in a pile of collectibles that Sprite had with her, which could mean that over time they might have generated a certain amount of respect for the superheroes of the world. There’s a scene in the movie where Richard Madden’s Ikaris is seen sitting along with Gemma Chan’s Sersi in Phastos’ house and Ikaris mentions Vibranium.


Biggest Weapon of Captain America

Here’s how the scene goes:

Ikaris: “I bet you’ve built the perfect safe house. And what’s this even made of? Vibranium?”

*Ikaris smashes the table*

Phastos: “Don’t!”

*The table breaks*

Phastos: “Fall collection. IKEA.”

This is a clear indication that the Eternals are well aware of the impact and the uses of this metal and thus there is definitely a chance they have witnessed the metal before. While Phastos was the member who was mostly associated with technology, he could have been the one to have used the metal before. Thus, this could have also meant that he was responsible for introducing humans to Vibranium as a way of helping them out.


Theory: Phastos Gave Vibranium To Howard Stark

Phastos could have given a certain amount of  Vibranium to Howard Starks because he might have seen some hope in the character of Captain America. While this clears up the fact on how Howard Stark came to acquire the Vibranium, there are also other factors that are indicative of this theory. The Eternals are shown to have their influence in Babylon and there we get to see another detail that could further support this theory.


Biggest Weapon of Captain America

In a scene that was also in the trailer for the movie, we got to see Thena with some other soldiers wielding their weapons, and these weapons match with something that we have seen over the years. The design on the shield is quite similar to Captain America’s shield and this could only mean that Phastos also had some input regarding the design of the shield. He might have suggested Howard Stark go forward with this design. This design is present in various parts of the movie as we even see the background characters holding a shield of a similar design in Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo’s dance number. This could mean that this design has been a part of the Eternals history and that has had an impact on the entirety of the MCU.


Phastos’ Conscience

If this theory is true then it makes us wonder why Phastos didn’t give more Vibranium during the war as it would have been rather helpful. There is a very interesting scene in Eternals where we got to see the Hiroshima atomic bombing and how the Eternals reacted to that. The scene plays out in a very different manner and it makes us wonder what Chloe Zhao wanted to depict with that scene. The flashback scene shows Phastos and Salma Hayek’s Ajak in Hiroshima as the mushroom clouds fill up the sky.


Both the characters are seen grieving for what has happened and Phastos feels that he is responsible for this event. He feels that his inventions and providing humans with technological advances are the primary reason this has happened. Phastos comes to terms with how he has led humanity to a path that led to an atomic bomb taking so many lives. The Eternals were responsible for helping out humanity but this event showed them how humans could be.


This could have been the reason why Phastos lost all his hope in humanity and gave up on everything and preferred not to contribute much after that. Phastos feels that he could now abandon humanity for good and let them do whatever they want. He only gets some hope with his husband and their son and this is what leads him to later help the humans in the movie.

While this does explain why he didn’t intend to help out the rest of the Eternals right away, it could also explain why he only gave such a small amount of Vibranium to the cause of the war. He could have given that much amount and upon realizing the impact that it has he might have backed out from the entire ordeal. Meanwhile, the Wakandans might have acquired the metal with their own means and instead of spreading war with it, created a peaceful society. This actually could have been Phastos’ initial plan and he might have let it happen without any involvement.


While this could be just another fan theory but there are certain things in the movie that do indicate the fact that the Eternals had to face certain consequences of helping the humans. The movie at various times does work that into the plot in a very delicate manner and gives us a fair idea of what the various repercussions of their presence could have been. Each Eternal is given a perspective of their own and it is well established in the movie. Eternals might not be a movie for everyone but it definitely does have some rather interesting notions of godlike beings and how they influence humans and at the same time battle their own conscience.

Do you think Phastos had a hand in creating the Biggest Weapon of Captain America? Let us know your thoughts on our theory in the comments.

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