How Eternals Sets Up The Villain of Black Panther 2?

The new MCU movie, Eternals, is finally out and it was worth the wait. After experiencing tons of review bombings all over the internet, the movie turned out to be just the opposite. The Chloé Zhao-directed movie was an amazing fete to the eyes. The movie was full of action, drama, and a blast from the past. This movie brought a lot of new characters into the mix and hinted at the others. We have reasons to believe that some of these hints might be a tease to the villain of Black Panther 2.

Eternals were sent to the Earth by the Celestials, the creators of humans, Deviants, and Eternals. For many years, the Eternals thought that their mission was to save the planet’s primitive beings, the Humans from the race of intergalactic parasites, the Deviants. However, their real mission was to let the humans evolve so that the Celestial Tiamut can absorb their intelligence and emerge from the core of the planet. This process, the Emergence, would have reduced the Earth to nothing but a space rock. But since a Celestial was to be born, it would have been for the greater good. Surprisingly, the Eternals disobeyed their direct orders and united to kill Tiamut before he could emerge. Sersi changed the Eternal into a giant glacier and it must have some repercussions in MCU’s future.



Tiamut was the Celestial that was going to emerge from the Earth. The movie didn’t really feature Tiamut as a character as the Eternals killed him right before he could emerge. However, unlike in the movie, in the comics, he had a prominent role. He was regarded as one of the strongest Eternals and first appeared in 1977’s Eternals #17. Tiamut was the Dreaming Celestial, the Communicator, and he was so strong that his emergence blocked Uatu the Watcher’s powers. Even Galactus, one of the strongest supervillains in the comics, was afraid of Tiamut. He was last seen in 2013’s Age of Apocalypse #14.


MCU’s version of Tiamut didn’t get to live that much, considering he died before he got to know who he was. By the end of the movie, Arishem took Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos to analyze their memories to see if the Humans were worth over killing a Celestial. As to what’s left on Earth is a giant rock sculpture floating in the sea. And now this could have major consequences. People could tap these sites and turn them into tourist spots. But the emergence will probably cause tensions underwater!



If Arishem’s words are taken into account, Tiamut has risen from the very core of the Earth. So, does this mean that he shattered every layer of the Earth’s structure to emerge? This might have entailed a lot of irreversible damage to the stability of our planet, primarily, the ocean from where he was to emerge. However, the danger from this event can not be immediate or the movie would have mentioned it. But it still would have affected the aquatic life of that place, and once it becomes a tourist attraction (well, people would like to see a corpse of a Celestial), these effects will increase. And this could anger the aquatic beings, namely the beings from the drowned kingdom of Atlantis who could very well be the villains in Black Panther 2!!!


Atlantis is a continent, or at least it was until it drowned around 20,000 years ago. However, its beings adapted to the new habitat and thrived. In the present day, its civilization is almost as smart as the Wakandans, if not smarter. And since Eternals only came to Earth 7,000 years ago, they might not know the Atlantians. Atlantis was once hinted at in MCU, however, it was a dead end. But the upcoming MCU movie, Black Panther 2, is rumored to feature the Atlantians in a prominent role. So we might finally see the long-awaited Namor, the King of Atlantis.



Villain of Black Panther 2

From the latest rumors, we believe that Tenoch Huerta will be taking on the role of Namor. Tenoch, as you may know, is a Mexican actor and Marvel could use his ethnicity for his role. This implies that the drowned island of Atlantis might be somewhere near the coast of South America! However, as for the Tiamut’s corpse, it is frozen somewhere in the Indian Ocean, very far from the Mexican coast.


Atlantians have been in the sea for almost 20 millennia and they have stayed hidden. However, now that the emergence occurred very near to his kingdom, there would be some repercussions. A King must ensure the safety of his subjects and if someone harms them, punish those. Since he considers all of the oceans included in his Kingdom, he might rise from the depths to avenge his royal subjects. And this could turn more dangerous if the creators decide to place Atlantis near Tiamut’s corpse. In doing so, the creation of a large glacier might directly affect him. And the Atlanteans led by Namor might pose as villains in Black Panther 2.



Villain of Black Panther 2

The Emergence could have led to the destruction of the planet Earth. But the Eternals prevented it. However,  Celestial rising from the core of a planet to the surface might have affected the tectonic stability of the planet. According to this theory, Tiamut’s partial emergence displaced the Vibranium mound in Wakanda and Atlantis might try to seek it to launch an attack on the surface. However, they are unaware of the love the Wakandans have for their invaluable vibranium. And the Atlantis’ attempts to mine it might lead the Wakandans to attack their submarines.


However, these are merely speculations and until the first look of the movie, we can not say anything for sure. How do the Atlantians turn into the villains of the upcoming Black Panther 2 is still open to discussion. Do remember to present your views in the comment section below.

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