7 Things That Marvel Can Learn From Wonder Woman

Ever since Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008, it has literally been on Top. Following them, DCE also began their extended Universe and has provided good competition to Marvel but did actually not manage to come out on top and beat the Marvel movies, until Wonder Woman. The Wonder Woman movie has shown that DC is full of goodies and is not stepping back. Here are the things that Marvel should learn from the Wonder Woman movie.

Filmmaker’s Vision

The most important thing required for a great movie is the vision of the Director who is making it. When you watch Wonder Woman, you can certainly feel the presence of Patty Jenkins. You see her focus on the characters and her inherent love for Diana. She has been given creative control on many parts and has been lauded for her vision. With Marvel, it sometimes feels that the director does not get the entire creative control for the movie. consider the example of movies like Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, etc.


Marvel has faced a sort of Villain problem with most of its villains. One thing that is common with the movies is that we all know right from the beginning of the movie that who the villain is and what his character motivations are. Well, Wonder Woman even though told everyone that Ares is the main bad guy, it kept the identity of the main villain a secret right till the end. Some mysteries regarding the villains are sometimes great for a movie.


These days, all the Superhero movies are action packed and great but Wonder Woman offered us something very different and unique. The movie was set up during the first World War and portrayed some amazing scenes and cinematography throughout the movie. Even though the first Captain America movie was set up during World War II, the cinematography of the movie was not as good as Wonder Woman. The scene during the War where Diana emerges as Wonder Woman for the first time was shot tremendously.


Wonder Woman soared at being exceptionally multi-layered as well as extremely inspirational. Diana Prince comes from a place of love for humanity. She has a deep understanding and care for people, which is the reason she charges head first into battle. She’s an inspirational icon whose powers match her heart. While the MCU has its heroes and they can be inspiring, recent endeavors for the characters have separated from that need to be selfless, especially the events of Civil War.


Wonder Woman was a great origin story and probably the best a superhero can ever get. Right from the beginning of the movie, the character was explored in an amazing way which provided a lot of depth to the character. There are several moments in the film that touches upon sexism of the era, the horrors and uselessness of war, and racial tension. Not just Wonder Woman, characters like Steve Trevor and his team also were explored in a great way and had a great impact on the plot as well as Wonder Woman. Fans really loved all the characters from the movie.

Tonal balance 

Wonder Woman was just perfection. It not only made us laugh and kept the movie light, it gave us a darker tone as well. It inspired us and at the same time threatened us with the horrors that mankind had to face during periods like World War 1, etc. Keeping a lighter tone throughout the movie sometimes does not feel that the movie is taking things seriously. Wonder Woman portrayed the right amount of happiness, laughter, seriousness, and inspiration that is required from a movie.

Female Representation Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was the first movie to represent a female lead Superhero in a proper manner. There have been female lead movies in the past like Catwoman and Elektra which were total garbage. Wonder Woman not only gave us a great female character, it inspired us and made us fall in love with the character. It was the perfect representation of what a female lead character should be like and Marvel should really take notes from this as they have their own female lead solo movie coming up in 2019, i.e. Captain Marvel.

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