10 Superhero Characters Dave Bautista Could Play In DCEU

Dave Bautista DC Role:

When Marvel announced Dave Bautista will be playing Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside established Hollywood Stars like Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana, nobody would have thought that Drax would become such a breakout success in Guardians of the Galaxy. But Marvel is now an old story. The new frontier for the WWE Star is not Marvel but DC, the next biggest competitor of Marvel Studios. Dave Bautista recently showed interest that he will be more than happy to be a part of DC movies. He even explained his intentions to be a part of a standalone feature starring him as a titular DC Superhero character.

In his twitter post, Dave Bautista is heard saying and we quote:

“Point is I freaking love comic book characters and I want a stand-alone,” Bautista was seen writing on Twitter. “@MarvelStudios doesn’t see worth in #drax or possibly myself or both but I’m not giving up. I missed out on a DC project because of scheduling conflicts but hopefully, there’s other characters & opportunities”

Even if Drax does not get his own solo movie, there are plenty of characters that Dave Bautista could fill the shoes for in DC.

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 1. The Comedian

Dave Bautista DC Role

The first on the list is a character that was originally not a part of DC Comics’ official universe. The Watchmen universe was a different subset of reality that dealt with more mature storylines that could never be a part of the family-friendly atmosphere of DC Comics. The Comedian is a product of Charlton Comics, a publication that was acquired by DC Comics not too long ago. He is a very sarcastic character with a penchant for violence and dark humor. The guy is also known to use firearms extensively and is used by the US government as a hitman sometimes. The Comedian fits with Bautista since both have a similar look and feel of things.

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 2. Hawkman

Dave Bautista DC Role

The reason Hawkman is in the list is two-fold – There is the fact that Geoff Johns, one of the top shot-callers at the DCEU, had a very acclaimed run with Hawkman, and the second reason is that both Hawkman and Bautista have an affinity towards being the big, bulky and pacifistic figure of the group. Hawkman is also a very popular character and is well-known as a superhero even amongst the non-comic book enthusiasts and casual moviegoers. If DC intends to cash in on the guy’s unexplained popularity by starring Dave Bautista in the role, it will be a win-win situation for not just the Studio but also the actor.

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 3. OMAC

Dave Bautista DC Role

OMAC stands for One Man Army Corps. The OMAC series was a huge success when it was launched. The concept of one man changing into a superhero after being bombarded with powerful rays from a satellite orbiting the Earth was too fantastical to ignore. The popularity of the character has since waned. But here’s the thing – Both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been pushing for new movies based out of deeper comic book lore. Marvel is intending to start an Eternals movie and DC is going ahead with his plans for a New God movie. If these movies actually garner attention, the next step for DC would be to hire Bautista for the OMAC movie.

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 4. The Question

Dave Bautista DC Role

The Question is a character very similar to Rorschach from the Watchmen universe. Both are hardcore investigators who believe that truth is the ultimate fact of life and will do anything in their power to unveil it for everyone else to see. DC Comics has already given the get-go to WB for using the Renee Montoya version of the Question in their upcoming Birds of Prey movie. But to be honest, no matter how hard this diversity card is being played by the studios, the one true Question will always be Vic Sage, the faceless original investigative journalist. Bautista’s calm and mysterious demeanor will only add on to that role.

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 5. Lobo

Dave Bautista DC Role

Here comes the Main Man! Lobo is not a character for the faint-hearted or for someone who takes offense way too easily. Lobo is also pretty much like Drax the Destroyer himself if Drax was stronger, meaner, way more sarcastic and did not refrain from using curse words and slangs whenever the f*ck he wanted to. Lobo was already seen to be a huge success in Krypton, which was the first live-action adaptation of the character. The talks of a Lobo spinoff series have stopped but there is still hope that DC might give it the green light.

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 6. Frankenstein

Dave Bautista DC Role

Frankenstein is a character that has been done and dusted so many times in Hollywood that we would rather have not one more story arc featuring the same guy ever again. But Frankenstein has had gone through extensive character development and renovation in DC Comics. In Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE, we see Frankenstein helping a spy organization try to fight villains that are of both mystical and science-fiction nature. If the guy could be a success in the comic books that way, Bautista would only be taking his career forward as a superhero by playing him in the movies.

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 7. Damage

Dave Bautista DC Role

Damage is basically similar to the Hulk. Whenever the guy gets angry, he transforms into a grey, ribbed and ripped version of the Hulk that is called Damage. While the skill-sets are different and both have different powers, the premise is very much the same. Why would Bautista want to play only one half of the character, you ask? Well because Bautista’s amazing physique makes him look like the God of Chaos and Destruction. If he plays Damage in the movie, he would be playing a well-established character from the now-canceled New Age of Heroes line as well as playing to his strengths and his positioning in pop culture. The concept of two actors playing the same role already exists in DC. Shazam saw two actors play the role of Billy Batson. If they could do it, so could Damage.

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 8. Midnighter

Dave Bautista DC Role

Bron from the annals of Wildstorm comics, Midnighter is one of the founding members of Stormwatch, Wildstorm’s equivalent to the Justice League. Midnighter is a human battle computer. He can pinpoint the weakest links in an opponent body and fighting style and strategize the best possible solution for any given situation, all in a matter of seconds. Midnighter is also gay, so that means the diversity quotient is also there. Bautista playing a violent character that is also homosexual will be a completely new feather in his cap.

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 9. Solomon Grundy

Dave Bautista DC Role

Solomon Grundy is not a superhero. But with DC and Marvel trying to experiment with all-new characters that do not fall under the traditional superhero genre, it would be cool to see Solomon Grundy being given the option of featuring in a solo movie. Solomon Grundy is a very popular sometimes hero, sometimes villain character in DC Comic Books. He is huge, made out of swamp matter and flesh, and is so strong he could even fight it out with Superman to live to tell the tale. Granted Bautista’s facial expression levels are somewhat limited (we are not blaming him, just saying), he could play a zombie brute force God pretty well in our opinion

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 10. Bane

Dave Bautista DC Role

And last but not the least we would like to include the most obvious role for Dave Bautista – Bane, otherwise known as “The Man Who Broke the Bat”. Bane underwent several inhumane experiments on his body when he was young, and as a result, he gained superhuman attributes after being exposed to the superhuman drug called Venom. Bane is such an interesting character that it would be a waste to not make a movie on his Origin Story. He may not be a superhero of sorts, but his character somewhat falls on the line of a probable anti-hero. And that would be enough for Bautista to waltz in as the guy.

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