12 Monster Horror Movies That Should Be On Your Watchlist

When you think of horror, dark deep shadows form amidst the mist, creatures step into the open and gnarl at you giving you the jitters. The blood-curdling scenes with the gory and the dark, these monsters yield an ancient eeriness to the horror genre. A good horror movie combines the “presence”, the unnerving visuals and a spooky musical score, obviously, the storyline has to be lucid enough to knock the viewer off his chair. A filmmaker uses all his skills to create a monster frightening enough to beat the daylights out. With the help of visual effects and spooky music, the effect could be very deadly, literally. These monstrosities that have been created to scar your brain and linger in your thoughts. Speaking of which, everyone remembers “Frankenstein” the mad scientist’s plaything, it has successfully scared for generations. There are many monster horror movies that have kept us scared through the nights some of them are listed here to scare the shit out of you:

 1. Nightmare on the Elm Street

Monster Horror Movies

This movie had Freddy Krueger as the scary villain. He has a cult following and has been giving nightmares to many over the years.

 2. Godzilla

Monster Horror Movies

This movie has encapsulated the fears surrounding nuclear weapons into a scaly, cold-blooded monster.

 3. The Descent

Monster Horror Movies

The Descent sees these humanoid crawlers living in caves. These blind ghouls stalk people and tear through their flesh.

 4. The Alien

Monster Horror Movies

The Alien xenomorph stunned millions when she bursts out of the chest of an officer aboard the spaceship. 

 5. The Mist

Monster Horror Movies

It has been rated one of the best horror movies. The monster of this movie is shrouded in mystery. From tentacle beast to an insectoid, this creature did well to scare everyone.

 6. The Gremlins

Monster Horror Movies

This is a good example of a monster horror movie, with Stripe as the scary fuzzy ball.

 7. The Critters

Monster Horror Movies

The Critters were a scary twosome on a wicked trail to kill anything that comes their way.

 8. Terminator

Monster Horror Movies

The robot assassin of Terminator was a jolt from the blue. Though it wasn’t as much a horror as a thriller but it did scare everyone.

 9. Jason Voorhees

Monster Horror Movies

The masked killer was the deviant villain of Friday the 13th series.

 10. The Pinhead

Monster Horror Movies

The Pinhead in the Hellraiser series, the ruler of the Cenobites who tortures and kill ruthlessly.

 11. Pumpkinhead

Monster Horror Movies

Pumpkinhead was the brainchild of visual special effects genius who combines a pumpkin and a human corpse. The story of a father who colludes with a witch to avenge the death of his son.

 12. The Pack

Monster Horror Movies

It is a story of humanoid cannibal monsters who crawl out of the ground and feast on people.

These monster horror movies have over the years been giving people of all ages nightmares with open eyes.

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