12 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs In DC Movies Fans Noticed

Easter Eggs In DC Movies:

Studios try their best to stay as loyal to the source material as possible. But fitting the entire story in the movie is not possible. Moreover, the directors and creative team tweak the stories in a way that would look best on the screen. But in order to pacify the loyal comic book fans, the directors hide little details in the movie. These interesting details are subtle yet noticeable to the diehard DC fans. Apart from referencing or paying homage to the comic book characteristics, the movie also hides teasers for the sequels or other DC characters. Find out the 12 mind-blowing Easter eggs in DC movies that fans noticed.

 1. Batman Begins- Soundtrack

Christopher Nolan is a genius who directed one of the most iconic superhero movie series in history. His style is simply unique and no matter what your budget is, you cannot make something even close to Nolan’s creation. All the songs used in the Batman Begins were titled after each species of bat. Moreoever, the songs are arranged in such a way that the initials of each spell BATMAN.

 2. The Dark Knight- Two-Face

Harvey Dent descended into madness and became Two-Face after a side of his face burned in an explosion and the Joker killed Rachel Dawes. But his comic book origin was different from what we saw. Harvey turned into Two-Face after Salvatore Maroni throws acid on his face while on trial. The Dark Knight opened with a scene that mirrored the comic book story when a witness on trial in Maroni’s case pointed his revolver at Harvey.

 3. Man of Steel- Keep Calm and Call Batman

During a fight scene in Man of Steel, Superman lands into a building that had an interesting poster on the wall. It read “Keep Calm and Call Batman”.

 4. Man of Steel- Carol Ferris

Green Lantern was teased at the end of Man of Steel when his love interest Carol showed up in the military uniform. This time she was checking out another DC superhero, Superman.

 5. The Dark Knight- Spider-Man 3 Poster

This is one of the best yet subtle crossover of Marvel and DC of this era. In The Dark Knight when Joker is being shot from the back while holding a joker’s mask, we can see the poster of Spider-Man3 by the street.

 6. Dark Knight Rises- Killer Croc

Easter Eggs In DC Movies
Easter Eggs In DC Movies

There was a reference to Killer Croc in the last of the Dark Knight trilogy when Blake mentioned that Commissioner Gordon saw a ‘giant alligator’. Killer Croc is a supervillain from Batman’s universe who was probably left to our imagination in the movie. As Robin rises after Batman’s retirement, we can assume that the villain was left to him to fight.

 7. Man of Steel- Supergirl

Can’t express how much CW Supergirl played by Melissa Benoist is loved by fans. The series is bidding goodbye to us with its final season. But DCEU also teased Supergirl in Man of Steel. When Clarke was looking for the chip, he comes across two pods from Krypton. One of the pods had left its door open. Surely, the director didn’t leave it open for no reason. It sparked many theories concerning Clark’s cousin Supergirl.

 8. Green Lantern- Star Sapphire

Green Lantern’s love interest Carol becomes a villain in the comic books known as Star Sapphire. The film gave a nod to the character with the symbol of Star Sapphire on Blake Lively’s helmet.

 9. Man of Steel- Satellite

Another reference to Batman aka Bruce Wayne in Man of Steel appeared when Superman was in space. One of the satellites that crashed on Supes was created by Wayne Enterprises.

 10. Superman (1978) – 2 Pairs of Louis and Clark

Easter Eggs In DC Movies
Easter Eggs In DC Movies

In Superman, when young Clarke is playing young Louis on the train, there is another pair of older Clark and Louis. We are not talking about time travel but the actors from the Superman Series of 1948. The actors who played Louis and Clarke on the show played Louis’ parents in the movie.

 11. Batman Begins- Victor Zsasz

Batman villain Victor Zsasz recently appeared on Birds of Prey this year. But before this, the character made a short appearance in Batman Begins. He was seen in Arkham and identified with the murder tally on his neck.

 12. Dark Knight Rises- Robin’s R

Easter Eggs In DC Movies
Easter Eggs In DC Movies

Though Robin didn’t exist in the Dark Knight trilogy, the final film, Dark Knight Rises gave a lot of nods to the character. Apart from John Blake revealing himself as Robin in the end, there was another Easter egg for the character. The ‘R; in the Gotham Rogue’s game was written like Robin’s R.

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