X-Men Supernova Synopsis Has Been Revealed And It Is Mind-Blowing

The X-Men franchise was the leader of the pack when it came to superheroes. Unfortunately, that has not meant that they have enjoyed consistent success in the box office. With the release of the much anticipated third film of Wolverine, that slump has been expected to change for the better.

X-Men Apocalypse may have been a disappointment, but that has not rendered the franchise to be a failure. In fact, the film’s home studio Fox has only proceeded to move on to their next X-Men project X-Men Supernova. There were speculations that Jean Grey and The Dark Phoenix story line will be used in the film and it may very well be true. The site My Entertainment World revealed new details about Supernova including the synopsis:

“Gathered together by Professor Charles Xavier to protect a world that fears and hates them, the X-Men had fought many battles, been on adventures that spanned galaxies, grappled enemies of limitless might, but none of this could prepare them for the most shocking struggle they would ever face. One of their own members, Jean Grey, has gained power beyond all comprehension, and that power has corrupted her absolutely! Now they must decide if the life of the woman they cherish is worth the existence of the entire universe!”

x-men supernova

In the comics, Jean Grey is transformed into the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix was a cosmic entity that hailed from the deepest reaches of space. Given that Jean Grey already showed this power in Apocalypse, Supernova may take only bits of the comics story line and combined it with the story from Apocalypse. Jean Grey and the Phoenix had previously been used in the first trilogy but was deeply criticized as it was so different from the source material. With the team heading to space, it looks as though this version would not lag too far from its original story.

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