Hidden Details About Hela In the MCU That You Missed

Hidden Details About Hela:

Hela is one of the most intimidating villains in the Marvel Universe. Cate Blanchett’s powerful performance amplified the strength and power Hela that emanated. She is Odin’s firstborn and Thor and Loki’s sister. All this while we thought Loki, the God of Mischief was the one the Avengers had to worry about. But it turned out that another sibling of Thor was the real danger. Hela was Odin’s first child whose evil desires got her imprisoned in hell. Her confinement was directly linked to Odin’s life, meaning that her father’s death would release her from hell. She was a danger that Thor never saw nor anticipated in his 1000 years of existence. In fact, she also surprised the God of Thunder by grabbing his Mjolnir and destroying it without breaking a sweat.

Diehard fans have noticed some interesting details and clues in the movies that you can’t spot in the first watch. MCU loves to hide Easter-eggs or subtle characteristics that are significant in the story.  Find out the hidden details about Hela in the MCU that you missed.

 1. The Siblings Have The Same Style

Thor, Loki, and Hela may not have grown together and surely had their own differences. But the way they held out their swords and blades was exactly the same. Interestingly, these moments happened in Thor: Ragnarok, indicating that the genius Taika Waititi added it on purpose as a nod to their shared roots.

 2. Odin’s Advice To His Kids

In Thor, Odin tells Thor and Loki “A wise king never seeks out war. But he must always be ready for it”. Later, when Thor repeats his father’s advice in Thor: Ragnarok, Hela replies to him using Odin’s quote. Clearly, their father shared the same quote with them.

 3. Her Suit Grows Sturdier

Asgard is the source of power to Odin’s firstborn, Hela. Its proof was right in front of our eyes if you watched carefully. During her return from prison, her clothes were ripped and the designs on her costume were a dull grey. But as she spent more time in Asgard, the rips were fixed and the greyish patterns were glowing green.

 4. Queen Figga Indicated Hela’s Existence

Marvel comic book fans would have probably noticed and cracked this subtle hint to Hela’s existence. In Thor, when Odin refers to the God of Thunder as his firstborn, Frigga gives him a questionable look. Surely, Frigga wouldn’t have given that odd expression without any reason.

 5. Doctor Strange and Hela’s Portal

One of the most exciting moments in Thor: Ragnarok was Doctor Strange’s cameo. The Sorcerer Supreme is always seen making signs and figures with his hands that we don’t understand. But when he was teleporting Thor to Odin, he used the Triskelion Norse symbol. The fascinating symbol was also used by Hela while resurrecting her soldier.

 6. Her Antlers

Just like her costume, Hela’s horns got stronger as she spent longer in Asgard. Her source of power was her home and from her arrival till the final Ragnarok, her antlers grew longer.

 7. Thor’s Vision Foreshadowed Hela

Avengers: Age of Ultron was full of foreshadows and Wanda’s visions played a big part in it. Tony’s dream where he saw Black Widow dead and Captain America’s Shield broken came true in Avengers: Endgame. Even Thor predicted Hela’s arrival despite being unaware of her existence. In his dream, Heimdall greeted Thor by calling him “the first son of Odin” instead of “firstborn”.

 8. She Forewarned Thor’s Fate

If Thor foreshadowed Hela’s rise, the Goddess of Death also predicted her brother’s fate. When Hela demolished Thor’s mural, it got cracked on Thor’s eye region. It happened minutes before Hela literally destroyed one of Thor’s eyes.

 9. Hela’s Flashback

Odin Infinity Stones Infinity War Theory

When Hela recalls her glorious conquests and the subsequent imprisonment, the mural shows her wielding the Mjolnir while standing beside Odin. She was Odin’s executioner and the fact that she could hold the hammer back then explains how she grabbed Thor’s Mjolnir and destroyed it.

 10. How She Caught The Fake Gauntlet

Hidden Details About Hela
Hidden Details About Hela

Hela was one of the most powerful Asgardians that we ever saw. The way she recognized the fake gauntlet gave the impression that she was a ‘know-it-all’ who was well-familiar with the artifacts. But it was an easy guess because the Infinity Gauntlet in Asgard was right-handed while the original one was left-handed.

In a way, she also foreshadowed the impending Infinity War by indicating that Thanos already had the Gauntlet.

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