10 Most Impressive Reveals From Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

One of the most exciting parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects has to be the post-credits scenes. Fans are used to waiting around after the end of the movie to see some of the most exciting things getting revealed regarding what to expect from the franchise. Spider-Man: No Way Home had two post-credit scenes, each rightfully hinting at the future of the franchise. But fans were surprised with the unexpected teaser to Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness teaser that was revealed in the end-credits scene. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most impressive reveals from the Doctor Strange 2 trailer.

Crack in Time

Not much was revealed in the teaser regarding the plot it might navigate but it was obvious that it will follow right after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The very first thing that we get to see in the teaser is a broken watch with a reflection of Doctor Strange himself on it. There are various moments in the teaser that might not even be part of the same timeline that we are going to witness in the movie. This watch was actually worn by Strange when he damaged it during the car crash in 2016’s Doctor Strange. This might indicate that the narrative will focus on various aspects of the time over which Strange became the Avenger he is now.


Disintegrating Universe

There were a lot of nods that were made to the episode of Disney+’s What If…? show which featured Doctor Strange Supreme. One particular moment from the episode showed the universe disintegrating when Strange was trying to go according to his will. This was also seen in the teaser as we see Strange walk outside the Sanctum Sanctorum to see the universe around him disintegrating. There’s another major reference to the episode in the teaser.


Christine Getting Married

Impressive Reveals From Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

Fans were wondering if we will ever get to see the romance between Christine Palmer and Stephen Strange develop in the MCU. The episode of What If…? showed that Christine was the very reason that Strange goes mad and uses magic for his own selfish goals. Fans got to see Strange attending a wedding that turned out to be Christine Palmer’s. But he isn’t the one marrying her. So, maybe she moved on when Strange got disintegrated.


Kamar-Taj Under Attack

Kamar-taj | The magical mystery tour, Strange, Strange tales

Various moments from the teaser indicated that the Kamar-Taj would be under some magical attack. There was no clear indication as to what the disciples of magic were fighting against along with Doctor Strange and Wong. We even see Wong getting injured during a particular shot and another one of him carrying a sword as he fights against the attackers. There is no idea what this Sword might be indicating considering he is one of the strongest sorcerers in the world. That might mean that the opponent might not actually be of mystical nature.


Mordo Returns

2016’s Doctor Strange showed that Mordo leaves the sorcerers as he thinks that the Ancient One was using the Time Stone for selfish reasons. This led to a post-credit scene that saw Mordo taking the magic from everyone in order to return as a villain to Doctor Strange. We finally got to see him in the teaser as he even makes a reference to the events of the previous film by saying, “desecration of time and space won’t go unpunished.” There is a chance that he might be the one attacking Kamar Taj along with his own army of sorcerers.


America Chavez

As someone who was teased for a long time to be a part of the movie, fans got to see America Chavez along with Doctor Strange in the series. MCU has been working on a lot of renditions of the younger versions of the Avengers and this might just be another addition headed for that. America Chavez’s addition clearly means that we will probably get to see her use her powers of making holes in reality. This might come useful in a multiversal plot that features multiversal villains. We might see her traveling between different dimensions and realities in the movie.


Scarlet Witch Will Not Be The Prime Antagonist

Impressive Reveals From Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

There was a lot of speculation over Scarlet Witch being the prime antagonist in the movie considering the last time we got to see her in Disney+’s WandaVision. We actually see Doctor Strange going to her for asking for help based on her knowledge of the multiverse. He clearly indicates that he is not meeting her for what happened in Westview. This means that she will actually be of great help to Doctor Strange in order to manage the massive multiversal chaos that he might be facing in the narrative.


Wong Is The Sorcerer Supreme

An essential detail was revealed in No Way Home that had occurred due to the events of the Infinity Wars. We saw Doctor Strange was not the Sorcerer Supreme anymore and the title had now been handed over to Wong. It is explained that this happened because Strange had been blipped for 5 years and that’s why due to technicality Wong earned the title. We actually get to see Wong wearing a rather elaborate costume in the detail and that might mean that his level has risen. This might just be because of a change of status but the character surely seems to be wearing an ornate costume with elements of red and gold.



There have been various leaks over the past few weeks that have indicated that the movie will feature a tentacled monster and we finally got to see him in the teaser. The monster appears to be attacking New York City and on the basis of the looks, many thought that this was Shuma Gorath. But a LEGO set leak recently revealed this tentacled monster to be Gargantos.


Doctor Strange Supreme?

It was announced during the run of the Disney+ animated series What If…? that we might actually get to see the characters from this in the MCU movies. This was confirmed in the teaser of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness. There were a lot of moments from the teaser that were actually references to the What If…? episode but the biggest reference was the character of Doctor Strange Supreme. He seems to be the primary antagonist of the movie as we see him come across the Doctor Strange of the MCU. But since he turned into an antihero and was left guarding Killmonger-Ultron and Vision Zola, maybe the evil Doctor Strange we saw was another dark variant.

Which of these impressive reveals from the Doctor Strange 2 trailer excited you the most?

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