5 Times Green Arrow Was Inspired From The Dark Knight

The act of copying is a common practice in the world of comics. Comic writers often re-created various elements from a particular comic because the comic book reader just seemed to have such a voracious appetite for it. In that spirit, here are five times that Batman (DC’s more successful hero) was blatantly copied by Green Arrow:

Bat-vehicles/Green Arrow-vehicles:


Batman has been known to have some of the fanciest vehicles for a superhero, both high-powered and state of the art machines.The Batmobile was first introduced in Detective Comics #48 and the Batplane in Detective Comics #30.Green Arrow soon followed Batman’s path with his own Arrowcar in More Fun #73 and later on his own Arrowplane.

Teen Titans:


Superheroes often have a sidekick to help in their crime fighting, and Batman’s sidekick Robin the Boy Wonder was a popular character from his first introduction. Robin debuted in Detective Comics #38. Arrow’s sidekick Roy “ Speedy” Harper made his debut a year later in More Fun #73. Both characters, later on, became members of the Teen Titans.

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