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All MCU Characters & Alternate Timelines in the What If…? Trailer

Marvel knows how to introduce a concept, and build an entire universe around it. Speaking on this, the next big blow that we will get is Marvel’s What If…? It is an animated anthology series that will tell us alternate tales of everything that has happened in the MCU so far. And, it will also dive deep into the multiverse. The multiverse has been teased in Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Far From Home, WandaVision, and currently in Loki. For a better and clearer look, What If…? will fully dive into it. As the date approaches, Marvel Studios has released the latest trailer, and we love it! So here’s the trailer breakdown. Let’s look at all characters and alternate Timelines in the What If trailer.

MCU Characters & Alternate Timelines in the What If

1. Glimpse Of Scarlet Witch

WandaVision established Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch. At the end of the show, she was seen reading the forbidden book of magic called the Darkhold. According to Elizabeth Olsen herself, Wanda will learn too many tricks, which may then be explored further in Doctor Strange 2. Wanda can now travel between multiverses, and of course, that may bring in some chaos.

But before Doctor Strange 2, she might create some commotion in What If…? as well. In one shot, Scarlet Witch is seen unleashing her energy. On the opposite end, Okoye can be seen throwing a spear at her that disintegrates as it approaches her. Moreover, it is possible that she will unleash the multiverse madness in this series as well, hence leading to Doctor Strange meeting Peggy Carter and what not.

2. Vision Removes The Mind Stone

The last we saw Vision was in WandaVision alongside Wanda. He nothing more than an element in her fake reality, if I put it in layman’s language. In the trailer, Vision can be seen tearing off the Mind Stone from his forehead, for reasons unknown. However, his role in the series remains unknown. But it looks like at some plot, the Infinity Stones might become the core plot.

3. Tony Is Saved By Killmonger

Alternate Timelines in the What If

When it comes to crossovers, this has to be the best one for sure. In the opening shot, it pays a huge tribute to the moment that started all of MCU. The trailer reshapes Iron Man’s origins as he was rescued by the Killmonger and never spent time in the Afghan caves. Plus, he never gets the shrapnel embedded in his chest. A later shot shows Killmonger leading an army of some sort against the forces of Wakanda, and androids can be seen in the background. So I’m personally excited for this alliance to unfold in the series.

4.  Black Widow Infiltrates The Hulk Project

Previously, merchandise has shown a variant of Black Widow in the Red Room’s customary Black Widow gear, suggesting that Natasha never left the program. But in the trailer, she is seen in her military costume, infiltrating General Ross’ super-soldier projects and messing with the creation of the Hulk in some way or the other.  So, this is a different variant of Hulk which will be seen in the series. Moreover, he’s seen crushing an army of Ultrons in the concurrent scene.

 5. Party Thor Versus Ultron

Just like Black Widow, the merchandise gave us Party Thor, a variant who never got serious in his life, and probably kept on yelling “Another!” In a scene, Thor can be seen battling Ultron while wielding Mjolnir. This could suggest that his hammer was never enchanted and Thor never cared enough to be the king. Apart from this, we get to see Loki too!

Loki is actually seen in all his glory leading the Asgard army. He could be seen unleashing the Casket of Ancient Winters upon them. As seen in the first Thor film, the beams from the Casket of Ancient Winters turn anyone and anything it touches into ice.

6. Evil Doctor Strange

Previous reports from The Illuminerdi tell us that the version of Doctor Strange that will come in What If…? will find magic after the death of his true love. This would essentially lead him down a darker path. We know that Strange is an egoistic man but always cared about his ex (Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange). So, to see this version of Strange is motivated by love and grief should be an interesting change.

7. Captain Carter, Howard Stark, and Steve Rogers

Alternate Timelines in the What If

Marvel’s What If…? will introduce a timeline where Steve Rogers never became the world’s first super-soldier. Instead, it was Peggy Carter who became it, ultimately taking up the identity of Captain Britain. But she is not alone, surprisingly, Howard Stark will be her sidekick, and he will design his own version of the Iron Man suit. But his suit has insignia of the USA, hinting at an alliance between the two nations. And the one driving this suit around will be Skinny Steve Rogers.

8. T’Challa Becomes Star-Lord

I am so excited to see T’Challa as the Star-Lord because the recent trailer shows that he will also have the humor of Peter Quill and not just the name. In one timeline, Yondu kidnaps T’Challa from Wakanda instead of Peter Quill. It is shown in the trailer that he has a much stronger father-son relationship with Yondu – as seen in one shot in which Yondu acts as his adviser.  As I mentioned about the humor, “A Ravager never flies solo,” is said by T’Challa in a very entertaining scene.

9. Marvel Zombies

Previously, we saw the Winter Soldier go up against a zombie Captain America. In the new trailer, we see a zombie Iron Man. Moreover, the concept of “Marvel Zombies” originates from the comics themselves, with The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips introducing our favorite characters as zombies back in 2005. It would be interesting to see how the series actually unfold this concept that was considered to be pretty bleak when it came out.

10. The Guardians Of The Multiverse

The best explanation of how the Guardians of the Multiverse will come into play is through the interference of the Watcher. Previously also, the merchandise confirmed that the Guardians of the Multiverse will actually come together. The Watcher’s voice-over in the trailer suggests that won’t be the case, in terms of him breaking his vow of only observing. However, the voice actor Jeffrey Wright has said that the Watcher will grow more and more intrigued by what he observes, hence at a point of time interfering.

What If…? will premiere on Disney+ on August 11, 2021. Were you excited by the revelations of all characters and Alternate Timelines in the What If trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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