The Matrix: Resurrections – Trinity Is a Program Created For Neo

The next installment in The Matrix series is set to release later this year. The franchise has seen a significant shift in tone from the philosophy to more action-oriented sequels. Where The Matrix succeeded in capturing its audience, Reloaded and Revolutions failed to live up to the standards of the original. So much so, that the fans have regularly chastised the approach of the sequels. Now with The Matrix Resurrections on the horizon, there are a lot of speculations about the story. A new Reddit theory would have us believe that Trinity is a Program.

Read it user u/NeoXCloud states this:

My theory: Trinity absolutely died in the last film but it was not totally confirmed that Neo died after he let Agent Smith take over his mind. Perhaps Neo was on the brink of death and had his consciousness altered when he let Agent Smith infect himself. The machines worked on Neo shortly after and then put him back into the Matrix. Neo forgets everything. Trinity absolutely died and was brought back as a program. This explains why code was going down her face in the trailer.



Trinity Is a Program

This also explains why only Neo remembers Trinity. There is also now a branch of people who escaped the Matrix of their own free will, including Morpheus. The younger Morpheus is actually the persona of Morpheus as he re-enters the Matrix from reality. In all likelihood this movie will be about reconditioning Neo’s mind and the resistance’s attempts to break Neo out of the Matrix again, after the machines put him back into it from the last movie.


Trinity is A Program

So the idea presented by the user is that the machines have saved Neo somehow from his perceived demise at the end of Matrix: Revolutions and plugged him back into the Matrix. But since they decided to do this only after Neo had almost died trying to save them and all of humanity, the machines did not save Trinity or rather had no time to. This implies that Trinity is dead no matter how you look at it.


Trinity Is a Program

The second piece of evidence and a contention based in it by the user is that Morpheus is much younger than we remember while Neo is much older. The user points out that this may be because of this being Morpheus’ new kind image of himself rather than a machine. But the possibility of this being a spy is not zero. However, there is one more piece of evidence that we must consider. There is a moment in the trailer where a green code flashes on the face of Trinity.

This is all the definitive proof we need after establishing that Trinity is dead. You see, the green code substantiates that this older version of Trinity is only a program. She is most likely created by the machines to keep Neo docile within the Matrix. They may be using her as the reason that Neo chooses to stay in the attic rather than break free of it. After all, Neo has the power to reshape reality then why would he choose to not do it.


The Truth

More likely than not, this version of Trinity that we see in the trailer is not the real deal. At best, she is a poor reproduction of the original. At the worst, she is not even a program but is an indication that Neo has lost his mind and that his therapist (Neil Patrick Harris) is trying desperately to help the man. The whole thing stinks of a conspiracy and only the machines could pull something like this off.


If this is not the real Trinity then we are yet to see the real condition of the world. It is possible that the machines broke the ceasefire and Zion went to war again. In which case the presence of Neo would be imperative. The One’s prowess is indispensable in a situation like this. This might be why Morpheus is desperately trying to make Neo remember his abilities. We think that this Reddit user is onto something.


Do you think this theory has any credibility or is it just useless internet banter? We think that there is much more to this movie than meets the eye. The studio would not ago its entire hand in the trailer and that is what we are counting on. Let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep this watching space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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