The Matrix Resurrections: New Evidence Teases A Crazy Truth About Morpheus

The Matrix: Resurrections trailer dropped and it made our hearts skip a beat. We have been waiting to see the look of the movie for a long time and it is now finally here. The trailer teases a lot of things about the movie and it seems to us that the movie will try to emulate the style and feel of the first movie in the franchise. The Matrix is considered to be a cult classic and we cannot start to imagine how the director has planned to pay homage to it. The most interesting thing about the trailer, other than Neo and Trinity being alive, is the fact that Morpheus is young and seemingly all-powerful. But here is the crazy truth about Morpheus that the trailer does not tell you. Read on and be wary of spoilers for the trailer and potential spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections.

The trailer starts with Neo being treated in therapy by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. It seems that Neo no longer remembers his exploits like the one. He only remembers that something does not feel right about the world. This new millennial spin on the Matrix world has us wondering whether the imposter syndrome of Neo stems from the culture itself. We may not know how things have developed inside the Matrix but we are very familiar with the world that Neo is in. Well, at least with the world that it is modeled after. We wonder what the movie has in store for us. To talk about Young Morpheus in the trailer we thought it was very interesting how the character was portrayed.


The Crazy Truth About Morpheus

We got an image of the original training scene from The Matrix along with some looks into the machine-human farm. Every time we see that place it makes our skin crawl. It is absolutely insane to see the quality of CGI in the trailer. The people behind the scenes have outdone themselves to give us an overhauled yet familiar machine world. We can only imagine what lies in store for the rest of the movie. Part of the trailer involves Morpheus offering the red pill to Neo after he has been taking the blue pill from a pill bottle. It seems that the director is rehashing the trope from the original movie. Although, we cannot know if the pills have more or less significance than the original movie.



A Crazy Truth About Morpheus

Another thing to note is that Morpheus already knows that Neo has powers so although he is younger he still retains all his memories. This is an interesting choice of character revival mainly because of what the character signifies. Morpheus has always acted like a guide to Neo in the Matrix movies. This puts him in the unique position to exert influence on Neo’s Psyche. There is also a very interesting still from the trailer that this Morpheus is not who he says he is. It is possible that the person seen being built by nanoparticles and machines may be a mechanized version of our beloved character.


A Machine?

This would mean that Young Morpheus is actually a machine and working on the side of the machines. A reveal like this could change the course of the entire movie to the point that we can no longer tell what is real or what is not. We could have agents hiding in plain sight. Because if the machines are now capable of making human-like bots and infiltrate the matrix and fool even Neo then how will we ever stand a chance against them. I guess it is a good thing that there is a ceasefire between humans and machines. The so-called peaceful coexistence was brought about by the self-sacrifice of Neo and Trinity. We wonder if that truce will survive this movie.


It is possible that the Young Morpheus is there to interface with Neo on the behalf of the machines and so he rehabilitates an older Neo who is now a part of the Matrix. Maybe the machines are trying to revive The One in Neo to deal with a much bigger threat. We will only find out when the movie comes out.


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