New Matrix Theory States That Neo Will Be A Villain In The Matrix 4

Matrix Trilogy is one of the most well-known movie franchises of all time. The Sci-Fi genre in Hollywood owes a lot of its tropes to The Matrix franchise. As we approached the year 2000, the Wachowski Brothers gave us an anime-style movie. This blew our minds. 20 years on, the Matrix franchise is all set to release a fourth movie. This came as a surprise to the majority of fans. Since we did not expect an installment after Matrix: Revolutions. Everyone believed the story ended with Neo and Trinity’s death. But the directors have stipulated that both of these characters will be resurrected for the fourth installment. There is even a theory by Screenrant that suggests that Neo will be a villain in The Matrix 4.

Neo will be a villain in The Matrix 4

Hence, the fans have thought it fit to speculate on the title. They have continuously theorized that The Matrix 4 will be titled Matrix: Resurrections. It is quite strange that the main characters are coming back for the fourth installment. if memory serves, both Trinity and Neo perished at the hands of the machines. While Trinity was impaled on her crash landing, Neo was forced to battle Agent Smith and lost his life during the battle.

Matrix: Revolutions was an action-packed adventure that ended on a bittersweet note. We were sad to see the end but we were also grateful for peace. The story was tied up with the machines and humans brokering a compromise. So what is the plot for the fourth Matrix movie? Who will these people fight? Who will be the antagonist when Agent Smith is gone and the machines are standing down.

Rise of a New Villain

According to the theory, it is highly likely that the main antagonist will be Neo. Specifically, Neo in his ‘The One’ form. It is theorized that because of the final battle of Matrix: Revolutions¬†Neo will not be the same person we remembered. He lost his eyesight, the woman he loves, and even his life at the end of the last movie. The theory takes this one step forward by suggesting that Neo even lost his autonomy after Matrix: Revolutions.¬†It is suggested that upon being subsumed by Agent Smith Neo was no longer his own self. But this allowed the machines to purge the virus of Smith by using Neo as a conduit to reboot and fix the matrix.

Neo will be a villain in The Matrix 4

The probe was a risky plan, but it worked in favor of the machines and the humans. By destroying Agent Smith, Neo and the machines ensured a peaceful co-existence. Now it is assumed that Neo was infected by Smith and upon his resurrection in The Matrix 4, we will see an evil version of him. During the events of Matrix: Reloaded, we saw that Agent Smith is capable of possessing men and women in the real world, and if Neo is resurrected it is highly likely that such a version of him will come back.

The Villainous One

A character with Neo’s powers but Agent Smith’s mindset would be a terrifying villain. He would be hell-bent only on destruction. There would be no loyalty, no sense of camaraderie, ONLY DESTRUCTION. That is Agent Smith’s primary prerogative. He is an Anarchist. Society and co-dependence are less than moot for him. All he wants is to make sure that human beings go extinct. It is a terrifying thought to have a villain that no longer wants anything, not even command. To see Keanu Reeves play such a role would definitely be entertaining. His demeanor as a lovable person would have to change to make it effective. But remembering the John Wick series, I say he’s more than capable of pulling it off.

The One was supposed to represent hope for the people of Zion. But in the end, it was revealed by the architect to be just another form of subterfuge by the machines. In their bout to defeat the humans, they had to give us hope. The One represented that hope. If this theory is to be believed then The One will now represent destruction and despair. This is brilliant expectation subversion. It will jerk the fans into a rude awakening. At the same time, it is possible that we are absolutely wrong about the story. After all, this is all conjecture.

What do you think? Do you believe Neo will be a villain in The Matrix 4? Or do you think a completely new villain will be introduced to play the antagonist role in the series? Do you think that Trinity will gain powers similar to The One when she comes back? Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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