8 Shocking Behind The Scenes Stories From Marvel Superhero Movies

It seems that Marvel cinematic universe isn’t stopping right now at the box office. Marvel Studio has created good movies so far under the right direction of Kevin Feige. With every new hero, character or a super team adding to the Marvels movie universe, there are even more unbelievable stories and coincidences have happened which are fascinating enough for fans of marvel movies. Here is a list of such stories which happened behind the scenes.


When the studio was searching actors for the role of Iron Man, they were eyeing Tom Cruise for the role, but director Jon Favreau knew Downey could pull off a brilliant iron man. In an interview with Texas radio station Favreau opened up about casting Robert Downey Jr. he revealed to the hosts that while first iron man movie was in preproduction, he brought up the idea of casting Downey Jr. in the lead role and was rejected multiple times. The director had to fight with the studio over this casting decision.  He said, “Everybody knew he was talented… Certainly, by studying the Iron Man role and developing that script I realized that the character seemed to line-up with Robert in all the good and bad ways. And the story of Iron Man was really the story of Robert’s career.” Thanks to Jon that we get such perfect actor for iron man and now he has become the face of marvel cinematic universe with lots of fans around the world.


During MCU was in its initial stages the studio was a lot more open to the idea of sharing characters with their rival studios. When Captain America the first avenger movie was being made it was long been rumored that Wolverine’s actor Hugh Jackman will make a cameo in it, as a soldier alongside cap during World War 2. Though it never happened, it still would have been an incredible cameo.


For so many years, Actor Paul Bettany gave his voice to tony stark’s highly intelligent AI JARVIS. When the studio brought him on board in second avenger movie as a new avenger, Vision, the actor admitted that he never met Robert Downey jr. before then, even when he has spent time in the studio for recording his voice for Jarvis after filming had wrapped.



The studio was speculating Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam Hemsworth for the role of Thor. Later Chris got the role of Thor and tom go the role of Loki. After shooting was over tom found out that he got the part of Loki when he was playing a character in Joss Whedon’s film cabin in the woods.


In comics human torch was marveled the first superhero, later he was recycled for fantastic four teams. Isn’t it as same as what happened with Chris Evans that he was first playing human torch in movies and his star quality got him recycled into the avengers? What a coincidence. In Captain America movies opening scene, we can see a mannequin wearing the original human torch costume, which was taken as a playful jab at Chris Evans former role.


We all know that iron man has put on so many advanced suits till now which definitely fascinates every fan. But in reality, it’s most difficult to make one suit because it will require a lot of money and time. So, instead of making a suit studio opted for the CG technology. Robert only has to wear pads on set. Fans are watching a digitally generated face of iron armor on screen.


The studio wasn’t sure about the success of this one so they kept a budget of this movie low as possible. They only spent money to build movies massive prison set. After the movie was finished they melt it down and sold it for scrap to gain money. But the movie turns out to be a massive success for marvel studio.


Chris Evans marvel

When marvel sought out actor Chris Evans for the role of captain America, he refused to play it cause of bad memories of fantastic four movies. He turns them down three times. The studio had to make six-movie contract instead of nine movies to convince him.

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