8 Ways How Multiverse Of Madness Sets Up Phase V of The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an exceptional pace. The studio seems to want to create something that is so big in scope that it dwarfs the team-up moment of Avengers: Endgame. However, the only problem with this is that they seemed to have used all of their main characters in the infinity Saga and now they have to resort to secondary heroes. This is what we thought before Multiverse of Madness came out. The movie made us realize that there is A LOT going on in the MCU and something big is going to happen. If you haven’t understood up until now then here are 8 ways how Multiverse of Madness sets up Phase V of the MCU. Take a look:-

America Chavez Young Avengers

Ever since the start of Phase IV of the MCU, fans have been speculating that Marvel will introduce the Young Avengers soon. In fact, the studio has already debuted the majority of the members in the MCU. Iron Lad aka the young kid from Iron Man 3, Kid Loki, Wiccan, Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, and now America Chavez. It is obvious that Chavez will join this team in the MCU and this team will be an important part of the future of the MCU.


Chavez Will Search For Her Parents

Comic fans know that America Chavez is not a resident of the Multiverse. She comes from a realm outside the multiverse. Her powers are unique and she used them to send her parents into a different universe. Now that she can control these powers, Chavez is bound to go looking for her parents sooner than later. It is possible that this might end up being the first mission of the Young Avengers after they have assembled for the first time.


No Darkhold No Book of Vishanti

Multiverse of Madness sets up phase V

At the end of Mulitverse of Madness, Wanda had succeeded in destroying both The Book of Vishanti and The Darkhold’s copy in every universe. This means that there is no way to channel power chaos magic in the multiverse anymore. Unless someone finds an exact replica of Mount Wundagore, the Darkhold spells have been lost forever, the same for The Book of VIshanti. What happens when both light and dark have been eliminated from the multiverse. I guess we will find out.


The Incursions

The Incursion is something that has a well-established base in the comics. It is an event where two universes crash into each other. We fear that this is the future of the MCU. Strange’s actions might have taken an unthinkable and irreversible toll on the universe and the only person who might be able to stop it is Clea. What does this Dark Dimension Sorcerer Supreme have up her sleeve?


The Return of Dormammu

Interestingly enough, Clea is the daughter of Dormammu’s sister and the only child of Prince Orini (the rightful heir of the throne to the Dark Dimension). She and her father were ardent worshippers of Dormammu when they were introduced in the comics. We think that the same plotline might be followed in the next Strange movie making the way for the return of Dormammu.


Strange’s Descent Into Madness

We think that Strange’s third eye might be an indication of the beginning of the end. Sinister Strange ultimately became the victim of his own lust and obsession. The Darkhold took a heavy toll on him. We expect that our Strange might also go through a similar process in his next appearance. The eye might not be as cooperative as it seems right now. Chthon controls those who use the Darkhold and they belong to the Elder God.


Baron Karl Mordo

A big turnaround that Doctor Strange 2 did was not using Mordo in the sequel. He only showed up to take Steven and Chavez to the Illuminati. But with The Illuminati dead, Mordo is the only person who has any authority and power left in that world. It is possible that this variant will also grow to hate MCU’s Strange and use all of the Illuminati’s might to take revenge on him.


Scarlet Witch Redemption Arc

Many people believe that The Scarlet Witch is dead. But these people fail to see how Multiverse of Madness sets up Phase V of the MCU. You see, The Scarlet Witch cannot be dead, she still has to have her redemption arc. She might have killed a few superheroes but she did all of that under the corruption of the Darkhold. When she chose to destroy it she started walking down the right path and she will complete this journey in a solo movie (we theorize).


Do you also know any other way of how Multiverse of Madness sets up phase V? Let us know in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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