No Way Home Proves That Mordo Was Right About Doctor Strange All Along

The teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home answered a lot of the fan theories. These had been doing the rounds ever since fans started getting hints of the plot for the movie. While some of these fan theories we considered to be wild, there is a massive possibility that any of these theories can absolutely come true. The movie acts almost like a crossover between two characters as Doctor Strange seems to be playing a significant role in the movie. Not much detail is revealed regarding his appearance in the movie. We can clearly understand his actions will have essential consequences in the movie. On the basis of what we got to see from the trailer, we can clearly guess that Mordo was right about Doctor Strange all along.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has proven his worth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though he was a later addition to it. He played a significant role in defeating Thanos during the Infinity Saga as he was the only one who was able to make sure Iron Man was right about his decisions. Though it didn’t fare well for the latter it was the only possible way and it was all for the good in the end.

Mordo was right about Doctor Strange

Strange has had a lot of character development in his origin story too as he loses his teacher the Ancient One who taught him that one has to take chances with oneself for the better of the world. Doctor Strange takes the time stone and realizes its potential and uses it as a means to protect the world from beings like Dormammu. We realize that he actually is the better choice for keeping this power and using it accordingly. But this is not the same feeling everyone might hold for him.



Mordo was one of Strange’s teachers and he had a good feeling for Strange from the very beginning. At the very end of Doctor Strange, Strange traps Dormammu the monster from the Dark Dimension in a time loop to defeat him. To do this he manipulates space and time to take down Dormammy which leads to Mordo abandoning him. Mordo is against anyone messing with the natural law and he warns Strange about the consequences of messing with time. He makes it his mission to remove other sorcerers from the world because he feels many of these people are careless with the magic.


The No Way Home Trailer

The teaser trailer for the third Spider-Man solo venture under MCU shows us that Strange might have made a mistake with the spell. The consequences of this are something that we get to see in the trailer as the multiverse is opened and multiple villains start appearing. Even Wong warns him about using that spell, we are yet to find out what spell. Strange is not solely responsible for these consequences as Peter’s indecisiveness could have played an essential part in the failure of the spell too.


Mordo was right about Doctor Strange

This makes us wonder that Mordo might have been right about his warnings all along. These warnings could have made references to the consequences that we are experiencing now in the MCU. Fans are already guessing how these events could lead to the next big event like the Infinity Saga. It won’t be a massive surprise to see Mordo make an appearance soon and let Strange know that bigger lesson here.


The next Doctor Strange movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, could possibly be dealing with Strange trying to control the consequences of the multiverse. Mordo could appear as a friend to a foe and help him out in order to save the world from its possible doom. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases in theatres on March 25, 2022.


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