Will Marvel Bring This AVENGER Back From The DEAD?

Marvel comics has a diverse amount of characters that have been interlinked with each other in a number of storyline arcs. The same cannot be said for the movie adaptations. This is due to different studios buying the rights to certain comic characters that they prefer to be exclusives. 20th Century Fox has the largest set of Marvel characters apart from Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool, the X-Men, Wolverine and The Fantastic Four, some of Marvel comics most popular are under the Fox banner. Spider-Man has long ago found a home with Sony.


MCU started to change the exclusivity game when the studio offered a collaboration deal with both studios. After the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony gave into Marvel and made Hollywood history. Spider-Man was given an appearance with  MCU’s most prized team The Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Fox has not yet responded to MCU, which has already caused a bit of a problem for Marvel.

In the comic, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are the offsprings of Magneto which was not mentioned when both characters were introduced in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Since Marvel has no rights to mention the existence of mutants or the X-Men team in the MCU, they had to deal with the gray area in which both characters lay. Fox had also introduced Quicksilver into the X-Men franchise, so it was difficult for Marvel to sustain the new Avenger. Quicksilver did not survive Ultron.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson,the actor who played Quicksilver in Age Of Ultron, however still has interest in reprising the role, if the opportunity ever presented itself. asked the actor if he would be up for the challenge in future Avenger movies, Taylor-Johnson said,” Yeah, absolutely. I don’t have any knowledge I could share with you if did.’

A Quicksilver return would be an unexpected twist, especially for Scarlet Witch. With the introduction of Doctor Strange into MCU, mysticism has finally entered the superhero world. This could be a possible arc for Quicksilver, or he could also be revived in Infinity War, if the movie follows close to the comic source material Infinity Gauntlet.


Amy Fanai

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