White Vision: How Strong Is He Without The Mind Stone

The WandaVision epilogue has gradually advanced from the day of its first episode release to a full-fledged Marvel storyline. Whatever unfolded in the 9 episodes of the WandaVision season 1 has set the ball rolling for phase 4 of the MCU and seems to be preparing the narrative for something way more epic than the Avengers: Endgame. In this article, we will discuss the arrival of a new character into the WandaVision narrative. And we’ll also discuss how it would affect the future events of the entire plot. The said character is nearly indestructible and apparently may be the biggest threat that Wanda and Vision may ever face, especially with Billy and Tommy on their side. They might have a hard time dealing with this character and Agnes.

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For those of our readers who have not watched the WandaVision episode 9, please be warned of **major WandaVision spoilers ahead**.

How Strong Is White Vision
How Strong Is White Vision

In episode 9 of WandaVision, we witnessed the arrival of a new main character, that was teased by Paul Bettany on social media as well. He said that he had always wanted to work with this actor for a long time. In episode 9, we finally see that it was him as White Vision and this is the character he was talking about. White Vision is an initiative taken by Director Tyler Hayward to resuscitate Vision’s corpse using Wanda’s power.

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In the entire season 1 of the WandaVision story, we came to know of Director Tyler Hayward’s intention, but somewhere it may still be unclear as to what they were exactly. We witnessed Tyler acting hostile towards the situation of the Westview. He blamed Wanda for the trouble she had caused and the number of people she held hostage. Tyler even authorized a drone strike on her fully aware that the chances of that happening were close to zero. But he still took his chances and went ahead with the plan, only to be later almost being killed by his team of S.W.O.R.D operatives, thanks to Wanda.

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Episode 9 finally witnessed the showdown between Agatha Harkness and Wanda. With Agatha coming ahead at every turn, it seemed to make Wanda feel helpless, and she was desperate to defeat Agatha. Thus, in an attempt in doing so, she lashed out with all her power towards Agatha Harkness, and with each blast of power she threw at Agatha Harkness, she felt her life draining through her body and leaving her weak, shrilled, and powerless. During this outburst, she missed some shots, and those shots got landed on the walls of the Hex. Finally, when she was drained of all her power, Wanda seems to be floating in the air with just sheer will.

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It was then when Agatha gathered all the chaos energy she just got hit with and absorbed all of it in her. Agatha prepared for a final attack against Wanda, but we saw how Agatha was unable to wield her powers, and that is when the audience was shown the magical runes formed on the walls of the Hex. As quoted by Agatha, “Only the magic-user in a given space, who has cast the spell and runes can cast his/her magic”. It is then that all of a sudden Wanda is restored to her former glory and starts drawing out all the power that Agatha had stolen from her.

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How Strong Is White Vision
How Strong Is White Vision

It is at this time that a separate battle was going on in Westview within the Hex. This battle witnessed the arrival of White Vision inside the dome in Westview. An all-out battle ensues between the two Paul Bettany’s, and it seemed that they would kill each other. We witnessed the battle wreak havoc across the Westview county at the right moment, as just a few minutes before, Wanda had taken down the walls of the Hex to let the captured people escape. It was probably at this moment that White Vision entered the Hex.

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How Strong Is White Vision
How Strong Is White Vision

Both of them seem to be having similar powers like passing through objects, flying, and using whatever they have on the center of their foreheads as a mechanism to shoot out beams of energy. The new White Vision is also capable of fighting with reason and logic as, during the fight, Wanda’s Vision brings up the thesis of Theseus’s ship, which stops white vision in his tracks and asks Wanda’s Vision to debrief on the speculated construct. Finally, White Vision can make sense of what Wanda’s Vision is planning to express. It also allowed him to flood his database with the memory of his conscience. As soon as that happens, we witness White Vision’s eyes turn from an android-like state to a more humane version and post that he left the battlefield. Now there can be many speculations about White Vision. But even without the mind stone, he seems to be a formidable opponent.

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