Arrow Season 4: Love is Bullet to the Brain, Arrow to the Heart?

In the latest episode titled “Broken Hearts”, the major theme is the falling out between Felicity and Oliver, Oliver found himself in a tough spot, when he didn’t tell Felicity about his son William which he had with Samantha Clayton (his former girlfriend) as she made him promise not to tell anyone about him if he wants to see him.

Another theme is that there are preliminary hearings going on to decide if Damien Darhk/Kenneth Bender (citizen of Markovia) should proceed to trial. Markovia is a small country in the eastern Europe, it’s been used before as a fictional place from where the villains come from. As a result of Captain Lance stunning testimony against Damien Darhk, the judge found a compelling case to proceed to trial which will continue for next two episodes. One can’t stop but draw parallels with “The Punisher” trial at Marvels’ Daredevil Netflix tv series.

Carrie Hartnell Cutter or Cupid, a Starling city Police department (SCPD) officer turned vigilante who got inspired by “The Hood”, returned to the Star city after she was discharged by Suicide Squad, wreaking havoc and waging war against all the lovers of the city. She is primarily targeting celebrity weddings and trying to placate her personal demons as she tragically lost two people she loved with her soul. First, she was spurned by Arrow whom she became obsessed with when she was attacked by Slade Wilson’s Mira-kuru soldiers but he intervened and saved her. Secondly, she lost Dead-shot in a mission which left her scarred for life.

There are three major plot-points that need resolution within the 7 episodes left in season 4 – Who is in the grave? What will be Damien Darhk’s fate? What is H.I.V.E’s evil plan for the Star city?

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