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The Helmets of Peacemaker Create A Plot Hole in The Suicide Squad

The DC Extended Universe’s first series on the HBO Max streaming platform is about to end. With the final episode set to come around next week, things have really gotten rather series. Now we know a lot more about the character of Peacemaker than we did in his debut appearance with The Suicide Squad. The movie had given us a hint at the character being a villain but it seems that a lot of new things about this character have come to light. We might get a chance to see him transitioning into a name for good with him ending up being an antihero. The most awesome thing about this character has to be the helmets as now we have a much clearer idea about why he wears these helmets. Well, the helmets of Peacemaker in the latest episodes have revealed that they can be tracked and this clearly makes for a major plot hole for The Suicide Squad.


John Cena made his debut in the DCEU with Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad. The character hardly had any chance of getting some insight but he did make for a rather fun watch. One of the most significant parts of his persona was the helmet that he wears. He is very protective about his helmet and he shows that rather clearly when someone makes fun of it. Bloodsport makes fun of his helmet and calls it a toilet seat to which Peacemaker responds the only thing he loves more than peace is his helmet. Fans were surely eager to see more about the helmet in the series.


We find out that there is more than we could have imagined surrounding the helmet. The very first thing he does when he gets out is get a new helmet from his father. It is revealed that his father is the one who designs these helmets. Over the next few episodes, we get to see some very interesting versions of these helmets being used. The first is revealed to shoot cosmic rays that come to use when he kills the very first Butterfly that attacked him. Later he uses the X-Ray vision helmet that allows him to see the humans who were taken over by the Butterflies. But one of the most consequential revelations is the fact that all the helmets could be tracked by his father Auggie Smith.


The Helmets of Peacemaker Can Be Tracked

White Dragon’s engineering skills are highlighted by the awesome powers that they seem to have. But things take a different turn in the recent episode regarding these helmets. In Peacemaker episode 7, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around“, we saw that the White Dragon had prepared to kill his son. But in order to find him, we discover that he has trackers that help him track all the helmets. Peacemaker doesn’t remember this but only finds that out later when White Dragon and his crew of white supremacists end up finding him. This leads to that hilarious moment where Peacemaker ties the helmet to a raccoon to stray them from their path.


Plot Hole in The Suicide Squad 

Helmets of Peacemaker

Even though now we have more depth to the helmet and why it is essential to the character, it actually creates a major plothole. Considering all the helmets had trackers, the one that Peacemaker was wearing Corto Maltese should have had one too. This could have actually allowed White Dragon to find out about Peacemaker’s location and at the same time find out about the mission itself. Knowing White Dragon, we can be sure that he would have used this information to cause an international incident. Thus it makes no sense that ARGUS allowed Christopher Smith to carry the helmet. They should be absolutely stupid to have not been able to discover this tracker.


It was interesting to see this narrative being explored in the series about the helmets. But now the Peacemaker won’t be wearing the helmets anymore we might get to see him getting in serious danger. With the final confrontation being with the Butterflies he will be more available for an attack from them. New episodes for Peacemaker premiere every Thursday on HBO Max.


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