10 Marvel and DC Characters With The Most Insane Addictions

Yeah sure they are super, but still, they are humans or Kryptonians or whatever, the point being that they too can be addicted to the stuff. Here we bring you some comic book characters from Marvel and DC who are addicted to some weird-ass substances:


Robert Reynolds is someone who got his powers because he wanted to get high. He goes to Dr. Conellius and asks him if he can make more of that serum. The serum then gives Sentry the power of a hundred exploding suns. The dude tore Ares from in between, what more do you want from him.

Tony Stark

Yeah, we know this one is no secret. Tony Stark is a big bad alcoholic. In the arc ‘Demon In A Bottle’ Tony Stark sure had it rough as he suffers from alcohol use disorder. After his suit malfunctions and he’s asked to step down as the leader of the Avengers and is imprisoned, Tony develops a serious drinking problem, affecting him not only mentally but physically too. He does this to forget things.


Rex Tyler, or as we know him Hourman was someone who took a drug, Miraclo that made him have incredible powers for an hour. He did well with the drug but later became addicted to it. Once even his heart almost failed because of its usage and Dr. fate was needed to help him. His son Ric Tyler too took the drug during the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ storyline.

Lex Luthor

Lex luthor

This is something which can only be said to have hidden in plain sight. This is Lex’s hunger for ultimate power. Oh yes, he is addicted to being the almighty, the most powerful of the humans. This can be seen various times in the comics as well as in the animated series. Lex wields a lantern’s ring, wants to obtain unlimited power, he also takes a drug of the mixture of Kryptonite and Venom to fuel himself before a big battle. In Justice league unlimited too, he gets attached with Brainiac to become ‘the one above all’.


Okay, this one is surely going to mess with your head. On his Earth, Ultraman is the leader of the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of Superman, Ultraman there actually gets his powers from Kryptonite, that he snorts like drugs after vaporizing it with his heat vision.

Martian Manhunter

Well, this is a funny one. To think that someone as serious and stoic as the Martian Manhunter would be addicted to something as silly as oros. He likes vanilla creamed chocolate biscuits, of course, they are Oreo, but they are called Chocos because of obvious reasons. Once he even went mad and threw around cars as he couldn’t find biscuits. So much so that once when he died, Bats placed a packet of biscuits on his coffin. And we thought he was all calm and not so crazy.

Moon Knight

He, as we all know, is a hero who uses moon shaped weapons to fight crime. Sure as hell the dude had some issues of his own, such as having three different personalities causing chaos in his life. When broken physically, he also succumbed to drugs and alcohol that just made matters worse for the guy. It took him a really long time to get back to normalcy.

Roy Harper

This is no shock to anyone of us. We all know that Arsenal was a Junkie. In an anti-drug campaign, this was done, that Speedy could be seen shooting drugs at his lair. Green Arrow finds this out and is devastated, he sure kicks him out of his place and team but later can be seen caring for the guy. This had a really bad effect on the character as his popularity went down tenfold.


Batman is someone who has fought off the worst kind of street scum as well as the strongest of the aliens. Never giving into fear or any substance, there was a time when even the Caped Crusader came under the influence of drugs. This was when he couldn’t save a girl and went into remorse. A scientist offered a drug to him saying it would make him stronger, the drug was Venom and made go Bats out of control. He had to stay in the cave for a month after which he taught the scientist a lesson.



Of course, this one had to be the number one addiction. Venom aka Eddie Brock comes to this form after a symbiote is attached to him. Granting the person incredible power and the means to fulfill all their wishes this is one of the worst addictions that one can have.

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