5 DC Characters Who Must Have Their Own R-Rated Films

Fox has come out with some R-Rated films from the Marvel universe, Both Deadpool and Logan have done well and Venom is starting production. And as even the noobie comic-book fans would know, DC is way darker than Marvel comics and hence have a lot more potential to deliver great R-Rated films. Here are some characters who we’d want to their own R-Rated films:


Oh stop it already, we have had enough of Superman leaving Krypton as a kid and comic to Earth and acting all boy scout. Now what the fans want is some character development to the Man of Steel, and we don’t just mean him killing Zod or acting all sad like in BvS. How about seeing his angry side or some such thing that he did in Injustice? All that in an R- Rated film. How about that guys?

Black Adam

The Ruler of Khandaq bestowed with the power of the Egyptian Gods is surely going to be seen in the ‘Shazam’ film, but what we’d love to see is this not so black and white character carry out his business like he does, by ripping his enemies’ hearts out, gutting who oppose him etc. The character has great depth to him what we’d love to be showcased in the film.


There is no need for us to even start about this. Slade Wilson is already a fan-favorite anti-hero, because of his skills, his knowledge and his reasons for the actions that he takes sometimes even bewilder the craziest of fans, making them actually feel if what Slade does is right, still there is a lot that we still don’t know out his character  and his origin that could be beautifully explained in an R-Rated film about the character.


Deathstroke batman

Oh about some darkness to the character of the Dark Knight. I mean, yes we have witnessed the Bat going all crazy and branding criminals, but that not all what we mean. A character doesn’t always need to be grumpy and brooding to be dark, there are many other arcs that could be played here like the ‘Killing Joke’?

Red Hood


Okay, this has to be the best R-Rated film ever if carried out well. Even the animated film, ‘Under the Red Hood’ did so well with the fans and critics alike, showing a gray character of Jason Todd dying, coming back from the Lazarus Pit and turning into the Red Hood. The drama, Bruce’s guilt, the conflict and Joker’s madness, all would be great if seen in an R- Rated film.

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