4 Movie Scenes That Horribly Went Wrong

We are so fascinated by the movie scenes that magically hit our mind, but we might not know the behind-the-scenes mistakes that happen while shooting. Mishaps and injuries are quite evident during the production process, but sometimes things get so nasty that actors somehow have to suffer seriously in their lives. We are going to bring some of the instances that terribly went wrong during the shooting process.

1) xXx


Vin Diesel is no doubt one of the leading superstars of Hollywood Industry right now. He wanted to do his own stunts but was denied. His Stunt double Harry L. O Connor was assigned to play his  doppelganger  for the film. During a shoot where Diesel’s character glide through the wearing being towed to a submarine to land on it, then there was an accident. O Connor slammed into a bridge at high speed and died instantly.

2) Hangover II


While shooting in Bangkok, in one of the scenes, Australian stuntman, Scott Maclean, was hospitalised after he was playing the stunt double if the Ed Helm’s character, when he was bent out of the window. Due to a last-minute change in the scene, the stunt went wrong which got him hospitalised. His head actually smashed into another vehicle.

3) Thor: The Dark World


Back in 2012, during the production of Thor: The Dark World, the American actress Jaimie Alexander, who played the role of Sif, met a dreadful accident dislocating left shoulder and caused a slipped disc in Thoracic spine. She was taken to a hospital and she was fearing that she would suffer from paralysis, but thankfully she was safe. The actress returned to the set after a month.

4) The Expendables 2

stunt movie scenes

During the shooting of The Expendables 2 in 2012, when the crew was working in Bulgaria, there was a scene which had an explosion actually went wrong. During the scene, stuntman Kun Lu died on the set, while another stuntman was injured. 

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