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Loki Disney+: Did [Spoiler] Really Die in Loki Episode 4?

Spoilers for Loki Episode 4 follow. Read only if you’ve watched the episode.

Loki episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” really threw us off the scent with a rampage of twists. The show told us about the history of Sylvie and how she was kidnapped by Judge Renslayer. One major detail was that the latter was herself a TVA Agent in the past. Later on, we saw Lady Sif in a cameo role when Loki was locked in a time cell. But one major revelation came with Loki spilling the beans to Mobius and telling him that he’s a variant too.  But Mobius being Mobius, did not trust him. That was until he stole Renslayer’s TemPad and saw Hunter C-20’s interrogation, who is now dead. Quickly after he learned the truth, he was ordered to be pruned by Renslayer. But is Mobius really dead? Let’s find out!

Is Mobius Really Dead After Being Pruned?

Loki Episode 4

In a long-awaited moment, Loki finally told Mobius that he is a variant just like everybody else, and had a life before the TVA. Out of sheer curiosity and confusion, Mobius stole Judge Renslayer’s TemPad. Not soon after, he snuck away and navigated through it. In it, he found that Hunter C-20 is actually dead, but was interrogated. C-20 spilled that she’s a variant, and so is everyone. This shook Mobius, just like it shook us too.

As a result, Mobius rushes to Loki to mend things. Now, this is what we love, Mobius and Loki on the same team. But as they exited from Loki’s time cell, they were confronted by Renslayer and her team of Minutemen. Ravonna right away asked about the TemPad and Mobius could not cover up. She realized that he knows the truth. So, she ordered her Minutemen to prune Mobius. But is he really gone? It doesn’t seem so.

Loki Episode 4

In a surprising turn of events, Loki was pruned by Renslayer during their fight in front of the Time-Keepers. But the mid-credit scene revealed that he did not die at all. He was transported to an alternate reality, just in a more painful manner. Could it be that his God-like stature allowed him to endure the pruning? Anyway, there, he might several other variants of himself. So, there’s a huge possibility that Mobius too was simply transported to a whole new timeline.

Potential Spoiler’s for Loki’s 5th episode follow. Read at your own risk.

Images From Upcoming Episode Prove that Mobius is Alive

Apart from claims that are coming out of thin air, there is hardcore evidence to prove the same. In previously leaked screenshots from Loki’s episode 5, Mobius was revealed to be driving a car, not too satisfied and rather angry. This could directly hint at the fact that Mobius is not leaving the eyes of the viewers any time soon. He will be reunited with the God of Mischief and more chaos will unravel. But wait, there’s more to it.

Another leaked picture revealed Mobius’ car somewhere out in a barren land, but clearly showing a Sphinx structure. If you know where I’m taking this, then you know what I mean. Let’s spin our wheels back to Kang the Conqueror. According to recent events, the Time-Keepers are nothing but mindless android puppets. They were never real. Mobius’ car in Egypt (supposedly) proves that he is on his way to meet Nathaniel Richards, who traveled back in time, and Rama-Tut. The Sphinx structure that you see over here could be Kang’s ship from the comics. This is the ship that he uses to travel through time.

Mobius Could Encounter Kang Or His Other Variants

If this theory is right, the simplest way of continuing Mobius after his pruning is to bring him face-to-face with his own variant. Previously Judge Renslayer has also said that she has another agent working for her. It would be no surprise if this variant if Mobius himself. It could be very well that Renslayer has continued to prune all the other variants of Mobius, and start over, delete their memories and make them work for the TVA. SO seeing Mobius meeting with his own variant would be fun.

However, if he is really driving somewhere deep in Egypt, then encountering Kang wouldn’t be a surprise. But it all depends on the timeline he’s sent to. Now, considering Kang is behind the entire TVA concept, then the MCU will really dial-up things with Loki. As of now, Loki is getting familiar with his own variants. And it would make sense for a Mobius variant to appear in the same timeline as Loki too. Maybe this could be a way for Loki to bring the team back. But in any way, there’s a term assembling somewhere that is ready to take down the TVA.

So, do you think Mobius is actually dead? Loki is streaming on Disney+, with new episodes coming out every Wednesday.

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